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The 'unofficial' WWE Chain of Command

WWE gets brilliant on its website, paying homage to a lot of smart marks on the Internet with this handy-dandy "unofficial" Chain of Command pdf that shows just exactly who is in charge on television.

How many times have we had this argument?

Triple H comes out and fires someone only to have Vince McMahon come out and reverse it only to have an anonymous buzz in from the Board of Directors who say Vince needs to be gone and Triple H take over only to have that reversed months later with Vince himself, who was never officially put back in power, all while some seemingly worthless pawn like John Laurinaitis is running Raw but not really.

How the hell are we supposed to know who is in charge of who?

Finally, has chimed in with a super insider, super smarky pdf that tells us just that. It may actually be the greatest thing to ever show up on that website.

You can check it out by clicking here.

Now how awesome is that? It's like they read your gripes, Cagesiders, and decided to appease you with this while poking all the fun we would normally poke at it anyway.


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