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On this date in ECW history: Chris Benoit breaks Sabu's neck

Ever wonder how Chris Benoit became known as "The Crippler"? Yeah, it's because of what he did to Sabu on this date in ECW history, breaking his neck at the November to Remember event.

He had been known as "The Crippler" before this particular incident, but this set it in stone when Paul Heyman decided it was a good idea to push it as his new gimmick.

I'm talking, of course, about Chris Benoit, and what he did to Sabu on this date in ECW history at the November to Remember event at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He broke his neck.

It was an accident, yes, and Benoit reportedly felt terrible over the situation, but it helped get him over, in a way, and has been one of the most replayed bits of footage from the ECW days in history.

Just sucked for Sabu.

Check it:

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