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WWE 'SmackDown' results and reactions from last night (Nov. 2): The Sheamus and Big Show show

WWE SmackDown returned last night (Nov. 2) and brought some more conflict between new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big Show and Sheamus. The two fought in the main event with The Miz and Kofi Kingston as their partners, respectively. Also, what did Alberto Del Rio have in store for Randy Orton? All that and more here!

Joern Pollex

WWE SmackDown returned to us last night (Nov. 2) to deliver more buildup as we start the car on the road to Survivor Series. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big Show teamed up with The Miz in a Miz-Show reunion to take on Sheamus and WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston.

In addition, Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton butted heads in a big way, taking their battle to somewhere you'd least expect.

We'll quit the tease and get right into some reactions.

  • The main event was set up after the show kicked off with another edition of Miz TV. Miz was chatting with Sheamus and taunting him about his loss to Big Show at Hell in a Cell. Sheamus retorted about Miz losing to Kofi Kingston at the same event. Miz said if he ever got a chance at Kofi again, he'd take the IC title back, prompting Kofi to come out and chat. Big Show came out to make his presence felt. Sheamus challenged him, but he said there would be no point. WWE SmackDown GM Booker T saw differently and booked the main event between MizShow and Sheamus and Kofi. In a pretty short match for main event standards, Big Show KO'd Kofi while the ref was trying to get Sheamus back to the apron, allowing for the legal man, Miz, to score the win. After the match, Sheamus Brogue Kicked Miz. Think this serves as a decent build to the Show vs. Sheamus rematch. It also shows that Miz can't get any love, even in victory.
  • The other feature was Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett. Prematch, Orton was assaulted by Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez, who were sent backstage. Barrett and Orton put on a great showing en route to Del Rio coming to the top of the stage again and Ricardo jumping to the apron to distract Orton. Barrett took the rollup for the second win over Orton this week and Orton followed Del Rio backstage. He caught up to him and the two put on a great brawl through catering, which saw Ricardo Rodriguez get splashed by hot coffee and hot chili. Poor guy. While Orton and Del Rio are relegated to generic personalities, they do pack a punch in the ring and could provide some decent work in the Survivor Series match between Team Punk and Team Foley.
  • Sin Cara took on Darren Young in a pretty good match that saw Young take home the win. At ringside, his partner Titus O'Neil called out the other "little dog" Rey Mysterio. In that match, O'Neil lost to Mysterio. This is good booking for a feud, but it is seriously underwhelming as to where all of these men could be. O'Neil was a collegiate football player, but his athleticism doesn't translate in the ring, where he plays a typical big man. Young is a good worker, but he is just stuck in the midcard of the tag division, which is sad if you think about. Sin Cara, well, we know what a flop he is. And Mysterio is just giving WWE another name to tout while delivering good performances on the midcard. Shame this isn't a bigger deal, but c'est la vie.
  • David Otunga faced Great Khali in a match that was prefaced by a humorous segment. Natalya came to ask Booker T to be temporary assistant, as Eve is on tour in Europe. Otunga cut in front of her and took leadership, saying he's ready for whatever Booker needs. Booker set the match up and Otunga spit coffee on Natalya. He said sorry, but he thought the look was an improvement. Otunga took another swig and Natalya smacked him, causing him to spit the coffee on Teddy Long. To summarize, I am happy Teddy Long got coffee spit on him.
  • The match that followed... well, Great Khali was involved. Also, he is entering a storyline relationship with Natalya, apparently. That's right, WWE, that's where your best female wrestler belongs. Good call. Ugh.
  • Justin Gabriel wrestled R-Truth in this week's random match. Vince was probably pressed for time backstage and picked two names from a hat. Truth won. Big shakeup here, folks.

This episode of SmackDown was somewhat underwhelming, considering the expectations I hold for SmackDown. That said, it wasn't the worst.

A "C+" seems in order for the show this week.

What did you Cagesiders make of SmackDown?

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