Why You Should Care About Dean Ambrose's Debut: The "it factor"


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Last night's WWE Survivor Series PPV provided one of the biggest mark out moments for me in a long time -- the debut of Dean Ambrose (formerly Jon Moxley). A lot of my fellow members of the cSs community marked out right alongside me, and there was good reason for it.

On the Cageside Live! podcast immediately following the event last night (Sun., Nov. 18, 2012), Geno and Roth discussed the lack of wrestlers who have "it" on the current roster. Ambrose has "it".

As a matter of fact, if Roddy Piper and Brian Pillman had a torrid love affair, the resulting love child would be Dean Ambrose. He has it all: The in-ring capability, amazing promos, great character, and that undefinable quality that just exudes greatness... the "it factor".

Ambrose's time in the indies spanned from local promotion, HWA (where I first got to witness him), to the hardcore CZW, to the technically brilliant Dragon Gate USA. Across each of these promotions he has demonstrated that he can excel in any match type you want to throw him into.

He is not afraid to be in brutal hardcore matches and can keep up with the best of them in super technical matches. The key to Ambrose's in ring talent is the psychology he brings to the ring, and subsequently, the story he tells within it.

Transitioning to WWE and working more within the WWE style has done little to stifle his brilliance in the ring, as demonstrated by his matches with Rollins (even working two amazing Iron Man matches in one night for FCW tapings) and William Regal.

Here are some of his more easily acquired quality matches:

What really elevates Ambrose as a talent however, is the character and promos he brings to the table along with his abilities in the ring. The man has traces of the aforementioned Piper and Pillman, sure, but there is something more.

He takes those influences and has made them his own to elevate himself to arguably the best character in wrestling today. He is convincing as a man who really could snap at any moment. Ambrose makes you believe there is something dark and sick within him just waiting to be unleashed. The man is simply amazing at what he does.

But don't trust my word for it:


Jon Moxley vs New York: For Brooklyn and Jolie

Rejoice cSs!

A once in a generation talent has arrived to WWE programming to provide us with something we have been missing of late. Do yourself a favor and check out more of his work than what I have provided here.

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