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WWE 'Saturday Morning Slam' results and reactions from yesterday (Nov. 17): Boom!

WWE Saturday Morning Slam returned yesterday (Nov. 17) to deliver a little bit of a warmup match for WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston against Zack Ryder. Also, R-Truth took on William Regal to open the show. Find out who would go into Survivor Series with a win here!

Joern Pollex

WWE Saturday Morning Slam returned yesterday morning (Nov. 17) to bring us a bit of a warmup prior to Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view. Two participants of the PPV were in action, as R-Truth took on William Regal and WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston squared off with Zack Ryder.

As usual, we had some fun video packages to accompany the matches on the show.

Let's get right into some reactions!

  • The show kicked off with William Regal taking on R-Truth. The expectations weren't terribly great here (let's face it, with Regal's age, it is hard to make someone like Truth look great), but the match was solid enough for what it was. Truth was able to score the rollup victory and entertain the kids with Little Jimmy.
  • The video feature this week was The Miz goofing around during a photo shoot. This makes me believe that The Miz is definitely going to be taking the face turn, as he is a pretty prominent part of this show week in and week out. That, or he just really can connect with kids. Regardless, the segment was pretty entertaining and The Miz behind the camera usually makes things "awwwwweeeeessssoooooommmmeeeee!"
  • This week's "Video Vault" prepared us for Survivor Series by giving us a few matches to look at, including Awesome Truth taking on John Cena and The Rock at least year's event. Also, the debut of Rocky Maivia was covered. Surprisingly, the infamous "Montreal Screwjob" was covered, telling kids that it was the most controversial match in WWE history. They didn't refer to it as the "Montreal Screwjob," but it was really good to see this classic being taught to a younger generation.
  • Zack Ryder took on Kofi Kingston in a good match. Ryder isn't too bad in ring, despite his character being very grating sometimes. Kofi showed off his expected great flying tactics, using a springboard crossbody to take home the win here. After the match, the two showed some respect to each other, ending things on a happy note.

This week's show was a fun offering, presenting a lot of things we don't see usually on the network shows and having solid, informative segments.

This episode earns a "B+," since anything with William Regal cannot fail.

How did you Cagesiders enjoy this episode of Saturday Morning Slam?

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