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Historical Wrestler Wrankings -- SURVIVOR SERIES EDITION

A special edition of the Wrankings™ -- featuring the Greatest Survivors of All Time!

Survivor Series has always been a favorite of mine. Certainly there have been memorable moments ranging from the famous (The Gravest Challenge) to the infamous (The Montreal Screwjob). But what really sets Survivor Series apart, is it's uniqueness. Where else could you see strange bedfellows like Steve Austin and Shane McMahon on the same team, or a tag team specialist like a young Bret Hart get his shot at a main eventer like Ted DiBiase?

Of all the concept Pay Per View shows, none has a richer history or is a greater symbol for the purity of sporting competition as Survivor Series. And nothing says Survivor Series like the traditional tag team elimination match.

In the spirit of the season, and with the return of the traditional Survivor Series match this year, I decided to find out who the greatest wrestler in Survivor Series history is. How did I do this? Well, Wrankings-style, of course!

Mind you, I'm only counting traditional Survivor Series style elimination matches, most of which were either 5v5 or 4v4, but there are some other configurations in there as well. They all count!

The scoring is simple, if a wrestler was a member of the winning team, then they score one point. An additional point is awarded if you were able to avoid elimination yourself. That's it!

Without further delay, let's get to the Wrankings:

8 points: Hulk Hogan, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Ultimate Warrior

7 points: "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Tito Santana, Big Show, British Bulldog

6 points: Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Rey Mysterio

5 points: 1-2-3 Kid, Chris Benoit, Mark Henry, Paul Roma, The Rock, The Warlord, Undertaker

4 points: Brutus Beefcake, Dino Bravo, Mr. Perfect, Marty Janetty, Jake Roberts, Animal, Hardcore Holly, Brian Knobbs, Cody Rhodes, Hawk, Henry O. Godwin, Jerry Sags, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Razor Ramon, Ric Flair, Triple H

3 points: Dusty Rhodes, Earthquake, Jim Neidhart, The Mountie, Rick Rude, Ahmed Johnson, Andre the Giant, Bobby Lashley, Bret Hart, Bushwacker Luke, Bushwacker Butch, Chris Jericho, Doug Furnas, Eddie Guerrero, Fatu, Hercules, Jim Brunzell, Jim Powers, Kane, King Kong Bundy, Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy, Phil Lafon, Rich Martel, Road Dogg, Sgt. Slaughter, Ted DiBiase, Texas Tornado

2 points: Greg Valentine, Raymond Rougeau, Bam Bam Bigelow, Bart Gunn, Big Bossman, Billy Gunn, Blake Beverly, Brain Blair, Bruce Hart, Cheezy, Christian, CM Punk, D'Lo Brown, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Dynamite Kid, Godfather, Great Khali, Interrogator, Jack Swagger, Jerry Lawler, JBL, Keith Hart, Ken Shamrock, Lex Luger, Mabel, Miz, Mo, MVP, Owen Hart, Perry Saturn, Phineas Godwin, Queasy, Ricky Steamboat, Rob Van Dam, Ron Simmons, Savio Vega, Scott Steiner, Sheamus, Sleazy, The Barbarian, Tom Pritchard, Tugboat, Val Venis, Wade Barrett

49 more, tied at 1 point

There you have it, Cagesiders. Does this bring back any fond memories of Thanksgivings past? Do you buy Hogan, Orton, HBK, and Ultimate Warrior as the greatest Survivors of all time? Let us know in the comments section!

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