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TNA 'Impact Wrestling' results and reactions from last night (Nov. 15): It Factor

TNA Impact Wrestling returned last night to give us another battle between eternal rivals James Storm and Bobby Roode. This time, a title shot was on the line. In addition, the dreaded Aces and 8s wreaked more havoc on TNA and our sanity.

TNA Impact Wrestling returned last night (Nov. 15) to further the rivalry between former tag team partners Bobby Roode and "Cowboy" James Storm. The two squared off for a shot at Jeff Hardy's TNA strap. Would Storm retain his contender status, or would Roode use his sneaky tactics to weasel his way into a title shot?

Of course, we also had more drama from everyone's favorite wrestling biker gang, Aces and 8s.

Let's go right into the reactions from last night's event!

  • The show kicked off with James Storm yakking about his year, and how he will be able to get his shot at Jeff Hardy; basically the same stuff he has said for months on end. Bobby Roode came out and wanted to toast Storm, crossing the line when he said he wanted to toast Storm's daughter for having to suffer through another Storm disappointment. Storm slugged Roode, who escaped the ring. Storm invited him back, but Roode said he wouldn't do it unless he put his title shot on the line. Storm initially declined, but Roode countered, stating he should have his daughter call him when she hits 18... so she'll know what a real man is. That put Storm over the edge to accept. The match itself was not bad, but a little short for a match which was supposed to mean a lot. Roode ended up winning after shoving the referee in front of a Last Call Superkick, pushing Storm into the exposed steel turnbuckle, and grabbing a whole lot of tights. Bobby Roode is a spectacular talent with the gift of gab and the gift of grappling to back it up. He'll surely make a fine match out of what he has in Jeff Hardy.
  • And now, your weekly Aces and 8s! This week, Devon and one member of the gang took on Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff. The match was everything you would think it would be, with nothing going on and Angle looking like he needs a walker. The group came out to assist, but Angle nailed a kick to the groin and a rollup on the big guy in the group for the win. Elsewhere, their victim of the week was Magnus. They took a bat to his knee, Doc then hammered both knees, preventing Magnus from wrestling Samoa Joe. Leave it to Aces and 8s to kill my interest in one of the few matches I was actually interested in for a change.
  • Also, Doc was teased to being kicked out of the group. He was mad, but when he opened the door to leave the clubhouse, he was given his jacket. He's now a member. Hooray?
  • Rob Van Dam defended the X Division strap against Kid Kash. To sum it up, my dad asked, "Wait, why is this guy still wrestling?" Probably the only thing I enjoyed about this.
  • Jessie defeated Eric Young after some distractions from the lovely Tara. Nothing really bad to say about this feud. Jessie is actually solid in between the ropes, considering his limited time in the business. Fun little feud for what it was.
  • TNA Knockouts battle royal for a title shot was won by Mickie James. Don't really care much about any of this, except for the fact I can see Mickie James wrestle in Daisy Dukes and low-cut shirts. Yee-haw, indeed, Ms. Hardcore Country.
  • AJ Styles is set to take on Christopher Daniels again. This reaffirmed that Christopher Daniels is in fact, awesome, and that creative has nothing for AJ Styles.
  • Oh, Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy had an awkward encounter in the trainer's room. Aries ran his mouth, and then the shot went into a slow-mo closeup of Hardy, who did a voice-over monologue. Jeff Hardy is awful and this segment was awful.

The show was your typical Impact outing. Good in-ring, while being just pitiful in the story department..

Therefore, the show earns a "C" in my book. It is hard for TNA to move past that letter, but it wasn't as painful to watch as usual.

What did you Cagesiders make of Impact last night?

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