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CSS Survivor Series Tournament match-ups announced

After a lively draft and the introduction of the teams in the CSS Survivor Series game, now it's time to introduce the tournament, where fans will get to vote on who picked the ultimate team.

The idea was great. The draft was even better. The promos for the resulting teams hit the right note.

Now it's time to run a tournament to declare a winner.

Yes, we here at Cageside Seats are clear marks for tournaments (who isn't?) but this one has a much more personal flavor to it. That's because we've got 16 teams built by Cagesiders who will be campaigning for their squad's victory.

Let's get to the match-ups for the opening round:

Fri., Nov. 16: The Warriors (Manolo Has Pizzazz) vs. The Kilts O' Carnage (s1rude)

Sat., Nov. 17: The Undefeatables (hfl2013) vs. The Riot Act (Buckeye Brawler)

Sun., Nov. 18: Team Main Event (CaseygarnerPDX) vs. The Bionic Harts (J-Rodzilla)

Mon., Nov. 19: The nWo (Geno Mrosko) vs. The New New Dangerous Alliance (WVPiratesfan)

Tues., Nov. 20: Team Slothstronaut (Matthew Roth) vs. Team Extreme (ultmma)

Wed., Nov. 21: The Whole Damn Foot (C.J. Bradford) vs. Lords of Destruction (Dark Talon)

Thurs., Nov. 22: The Rejected X-Men (Kanenite) vs. Team Hollywood Wallace

Fri., Nov. 23: Damn Dragons (bmf1314) vs. The Dirtiest Team in the Game (ZeroIndulgence)

Let the best team win!

To check out draft results to see how each team stacks up click here.

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