Who would be on your ultimate Survivor Series team? posted an article today where a handful of their Superstars gave who their ultimate Survivor Series teams would be.

This got me thinking: Who would be on my all-time Survivor Series team? Assuming I got each wrestler in his prime, after some careful consideration, I'm going with:

- Undertaker
- Kane
- Sting
- Edge and Christian

The first three give my team that "strong and silent type" backbone. They're three of my all time favorites and I'd trust any one of them to turn the tide if the situation got dire.

And since it seems popular to have at least one actual tag team on your squad, I went with one of the best in E&C. I'd let them lead off, acting like a screening force to wear down the opponents with their tag team prowess.

So, fellow Cagesiders, who would be on your ultimate Survivor Series team?

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