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WWE 'NXT' results, reactions, and video from yesterday (Oct. 31): Welcome to Cesaro's America

WWE NXT returned yesterday (Oct. 31) and brought an exciting main event for the WWE United States Championship. Antonio Cesaro put up his strap against Tyson Kidd. Also, there was a debut from a WWE prospect, an appearance by a former TNA superstar, and some WWE regulars trying to make an impact. Come read and watch!

WWE NXT returned yesterday (Oct. 31) to deliver some of the best action from WWE's developmental territory. The main event featured the United States title up for grabs, as Antonio Cesaro took on Tyson Kidd.

There was also a debut of a prospect from the legendary Anoai' family and some other treats on this Halloween edition of the show.

Let's roll right into reactions!

  • To kick off the show, The Usos took on the team of Johnny Curtis and Michael McGillicutty. In a decent match, The Usos were able to take home a victory. Post-match, they had a moment with their rivals, The Ascension. This is a good thing for NXT, as having a WWE talent feud with some homegrown products can generate a little buzz. Even though The Usos are somewhat phoning it in right now with their lack of relevance in the ring, this is good booking.
  • Xavier Woods, formerly TNA's Consequences Creed, took on Leo Kruger. This match showed some brilliance from both men, with Kruger coming out on top. Woods is a good athlete inside the ring, although his gimmick is rather overdone. Kruger is really capable in his creepy, poaching gimmick. If they utilize him correctly, I could see big things in Kruger's future.
  • Big E Langston is an absolute monster and the crowd at NXT seems to really be into him. His "five count" gimmick is pretty awesome as well. However, during this week, he had an interview with Byron Saxton and he had a wooden showing on the mic. Vickie Guerrero came out to invite him into her stable, but he clapped rosin into her face. Langston has some tools to be a good monster if he gets out of developmental, but he needs to either take the voiceless route or develop some bombastic personality.
  • Jinder Mahal came out and wanted a rematch with NXT champ Seth Rollins. Justin Gabriel came out to say he needed to get to the back of the line. Drew McIntyre came out and wanted a shot himself. Finally, Bo Dallas wanted to put his hat in the ring. NXT GM Dusty "Duth-tay" Rhodes came out and made a fatal-four way next week for a title shot. What I drew from this: a.) I am fine with WWE talent being here periodically, but the same cast sort of gets old. b.) Dusty Rhodes still has more gusto on the mic than these four ever will. Finally: c.) They need to stop taping these things so far out, as it is really trippy to see Mahal and McIntyre facing off.
  • This episode marked the debut of Roman Reigns, who is Sika's son and Rosey of Three Minute Warning fame's brother. He took on CJ Parker. Reigns took the victory, of course. He is still a little rough around the edges obviously, but he is pretty impressive athletically. He definitely shows the strength of an elite college football player and hopefully it translates to some success.
  • In a match for the WWE United States Championship, Antonio Cesaro took on Tyson Kidd. While the luster is taken out of this by it being pre-recorded so far in advance, this was as great a match as expected. Kidd and Cesaro are utilized well here by their own and off appearances, while also showing how gifted they are in the ring.

This week's episode earns a "C+," mainly because of some rather bland spots in mic work. There were some definite impressive moments, but this might be one of the weaker NXT offerings I've seen.

That said, it still makes it much more watchable than anything else WWE or TNA offers weekly.

Catch the video and decide for yourself!

WWE NXT 10/31/12 - Full Show (HQ) by WrestlingVidsUploaderHQv2

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