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No investigation will be launched into CM Punk fan punching incident at WWE Raw

The latest -- and likely final -- update to the story of CM Punk punching a fan while he was in the stands during WWE Monday Night Raw in Sacramento, California, is that the Sheriff's Department will not be launching an investigation into the matter.

From Laura Cole, who has been outstanding reporting on the situation.

"Just got an update from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department about the alleged incident involving @CMPunk. ... The Sheriff's Department says at this point the fan does not want to proceed any further and there is no evidence that a crime occurred. ... The Sheriff's Department also says the video is not part of the investigation because there is no investigation."

And there you have it. The fan who got hit won't be going after anyone and Punk has now apologized for the entire incident.

I think we can officially close the book on this one, Cagesiders.

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