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Clarification on Dario Teyes role in CM Punk fan punching incident

Early this morning, a man named Dario Teyes took to Twitter in an attempt to seemingly take credit for the CM Punk fan punching situation at Monday Night Raw last night (Oct. 8, 2012) in Sacramento.

But let's try to clarify this.

The man standing to Punk's immediate right in this picture is Teyes:


Upon seeing himself on Cageside Seats, he linked to our story with the above picture and proceeded to brag about touching Punk, and how he "punched his kidney and slapped his back hella hard."

He also all but takes credit for Punk lashing out and striking a fan who was putting on sun glasses, and says that guy will be a millionaire now thanks to him.

But a close look at the video reveals that Teyes, though he definitely played a part in the incident, is not the one who slapped Punk in the back of the head and caused him to turn around and sock the fan in the sunglasses, who has since filed a police report and later stated he's now suffering from knee pain.

That honor goes to a random white man who can be seen flipping Punk off and then slapping him before slinking back behind the guy putting sunglasses on.

Here's a .gif courtesy of


So, to be clear, Teyes certainly isn't innocent in all this, and his being a braggart on Twitter -- which now includes calling Punk a bitch and challenging him to a "one-on-one" fight or match or whatever -- is ridiculous, but he does not appear to be the straw that broke Punk's back.

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