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Fan punched by CM Punk contacts police after initial statement to report knee pain

Well, this is an interesting development.

In the same story from with WWE's statement involving the incident with CM Punk punching a fan at Monday Night Raw in Sacramento, California, they've got word from police that the man who Punk blasted contacted police after his initial report.

Because of knee pain. Seriously.

The victim met with police shortly after the incident ... and a rep for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept. tells us the man didn't appear to have any major injuries that required medical attention.

But later that night, the victim re-contacted police ... and said he had developed pain in his knees.

Cops say officers took the victim's statement and are determining whether to conduct a full investigation into the matter.

Well that's quite convenient, although it's always safe to err on the side of caution. Perhaps the man fell backwards after getting socked and once the initial shock of the incident wore off, he realized his knees were hurt.

But are you buying it, Cagesiders? Or are you calling hogwash?

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