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Video: Austin Aries' reaction to an unruly fan gives justification for CM Punk's actions, or does it?

Last night, WWE Champion CM Punk made an example out of a fan on Raw, striking a seemingly innocent fan after being rattled by an anxious crowd. This video of TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries' encounter with a fan during his time in Ring of Honor shows that a human act in a time of pressure is not the most ludicrous idea.

Via Wikimedia Commons.

Has the wrestling ring become the newest petting zoo?

Apparently, Cagesider garettbischoffisabadass definitively thinks so. While fans reaching out and putting their hands out for a high-five from a wrestler is one thing, it is a very thin line fans walk when they try to join the world of kayfabe and put their hands on a professional wrestler.

While it happened to WWE Champion CM Punk last night, it has also happened with current TNA World Heavyweight Champion and former Ring of Honor Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries. Have a look at "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived's" encounter with a fan who wanted to cross the line:

Simply put, in a high pressure situation with cameras involved, it is hard for anyone to take the definitive stance that they would take the "turn the other cheek" route in regards to violence.

In fact, it'd be a lie if anyone said they'd know exactly how they'd deal with that situation. Logic dictates that most everyone has been taught to act if they feel threatened, and it is my opinion that both men featured had plenty of reason to feel threatened in the two situations.

That being said, have a look at this video of a pro wrestler being human (shocking, I know) and taking action when threatened.

CM Punk's "respect" talk is something fans need take heed to inside the ring and out, with Aries' actions only serving as a further example that acting when threatened is not the worst thing in the world.

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