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Brian Gerwirtz removed as head writer of Raw

Vince McMahon's wrath over the lowest Raw ratings in 15 years is being felt heading into the tonight's (Oct. 8, 2012) show, namely the fact that Brian Gerwirtz has been removed as head writer of Raw.

Michael N. Todaro - Getty Images

WWE Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon is pissed ... and you wouldn't like him when he's pissed.

It seems the fallout from the lowest rated episode of Monday Night Raw in 15 years last week is being felt to this day. That's because Brian Gerwirtz, the head writer of Raw for more than a decade, has been removed from his position, according to the Wrestling Observer.

Apparently, McMahon is so pissed that he's been quoted as telling producers "I want results or I want resignations."

Gerwirtz has been heavily criticized for years now, and his being ousted is being met with a nod of approval from pro wrestling fans. As Todd Martin put it, "Brian Gewirtz's decade on Raw has coincided with stupidity and decline. His removal is a welcome change."

Then again, others are expressing sadness, like Will Pruett who said, "I like Brian Gerwitz and most of what he writes. Bummed to hear he's gonesies."

We'll see if this makes any major difference or if tonight's Raw (follow along with the live blog right here) will get crushed again by the Houston Texans vs. New York Jets Monday Night Football game on ESPN.

Stay tuned.

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