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WWE "Saturday Morning Slam" results and reactions from yesterday (Oct. 6): Good morning, 619!

Family friendly show WWE Saturday Morning Slam came back into our lives yesterday morning, featuring some fun vignettes and Michael McGillicutty taking on Rey Mysterio. In case you slept in, be sure to get all the results here.

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WWE Saturday Morning Slam aired yesterday morning (Oct. 6) and while some might have slept in, they missed a good show that featured vignettes you can expect weekly from the early morning show. It also featured a match between Rey Mysterio and Michael McGillicutty.

Without further ado, here are some thoughts on this week's showing:

  • The show kicked off with McGillicutty and Mysterio. McGillicutty looked very good here, using the tried and true heel tactics of playing the "big bully" to Rey Mysterio's "small man." The match had some solid action and a bit of harmless comedy, which was a change of pace considering the usual comedic efforts from the likes of Santino Marella and Zack Ryder each week. As expected, Mysterio took home the victory.
  • I do love seeing the underutilized midcard talent on this show each week. Introducing them to the kids will give them someone to root for or root against, building them with fans who will grow into the product. That's a good thing.
  • Santino Marella was featured on the Saturday Morning Spotlight, showing all of his comedic antics and featuring a lot of "The Cobra." Not much to say here, but Santino does what he does right. He appeals to the kids and plays a slapstick funny guy well.
  • Daniel Bryan was asked a few questions. As expected, this was gold. Some of the best ones included: "Q: Do you like magic?" "Bryan: No! Magic is pure fiction! I am a man of science!" "Q: Do you like ice cream?" "Bryan: Yes, I love ice cream, especially ice cream made with almond milk!" "Q: Do you like goats" "Bryan: Do I like goats...? Do NO! NO! NO! NO!" This man is the best thing going in professional wrestling.
  • There was a debate between whether Mr. Socko or The Cobra was better. Pretty fun little bit where Superstars were asked.
  • Next week, they will be going into the WWE recording studio to discover the science behind WWE theme songs. That is pretty awesome and I am actually looking forward to that.
Per usual, if you're looking for a little fun on a Saturday morning with the younger ones in your family or just want some extra wrestling, this will be good fun if you come in with the right expectations.

Be sure to join us next week for more action from Saturday Morning Slam.

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