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Video: Full fight video of Batista's first win in his MMA debut against Vince Lucero

In case you missed Dave Bautista's fight tonight, we have video of the whole bout against journeyman Vince Lucero. Come see Batista's first victory in the cage!

In case you didn't hear, Dave Bautista, formerly known as Batista during his time in the WWE, made his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut tonight. He took on Vince Lucero, a man who came in with a 22-22-1 record that featured some notable names in MMA, with opponents like current UFC heavyweights Lavar Johnson and "Big Country" Roy Nelson.

As you can see, there are obvious flaws in Batista's game. Lucero was able to exploit Batista's tradtional wing chun style traps with looping rights that found a home on Batista's face. Lucero was also able to bully a more in-shape Batista against the fence, all the while waving to the Rhode Island crowd.

Batista's ground game wasn't anything textbook, but it appeared to be his best attribute. After a single leg takedown and some passes on the ground, Batista took mount and it was all over from there.

Batista now sits undefeated at 1-0 in his mixed martial arts career.

Where do you Cagesiders want Batista to go from here?

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