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Stone Cold Steve Austin 'shoots' on CM Punk in hilarious video

Put simply, Stone Cold Steve Austin is a genius and the feud between he and WWE Champion CM Punk is as good as it gets. Here's some evidence to support that.

This video was uploaded to the channel it sits on on Sept. 22, 2012, so it's been out there for a bit. Actually, it could have been out there even sooner, I don't know. But after watching it, I knew I had to pass it along to you Cagersiders.

Because it's Stone Cold Steve Austin "shooting" on CM Punk ... kind of.

Here's the text to accompany the above video:

"Who the fuck wrote this bullshit? What the fuck? I mean, have you seen his tour bus? It's a two million dollar tour bus. Granite counters, granite floors, cherry cabinets, all the bullshit. Well, guess what? There's a fucking shower on that bus too. When you get in that goddamn shower, get the bar of soap, put a little water on it, and rub it all underneath your armpits, around your balls, and your fucking asshole, would you, you smelly prick.

"Here's a tube of toothpaste. What you do is you pour some of this out on a little toothbrush and you scrub them fucking gimmicks in your mouth, they're called teeth. Get all that yellow shit off of 'em, your breath don't smell like a motherfucker, you understand what I'm saying?

"Deodorant, it's a miracle worker. You put it under your fucking armpits, you get me, you fucking viking?

"Last but not least, your old trusty hairbrush, this thing does goddamn wonders if you got some fucking hair. I ain't got no fucking hair. Comb that fucking shit you call a wig, you understand me?

"Goddamn, I'd like to sit here and just keep shooting the shit with the camera guy and the sound guy but the truth is, I gotta go take a big hairy dump."

The best.

UPDATE: As Cagesider Kanenite points out, this video is a mash-up from Austin roasting Zackk Wylde earlier this year. Check it out by clicking here and compare the two.

It's still a funny video and whoever created it deserves props for putting it together.

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