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WWE superstar Curt Hawkins undergoes knee surgery, out indefinitely

First he lost his tag team partner and now he's blown out his knee. Can it get any worse for WWE superstar Curt Hawkins?

Ed Webster

It has not been a good few months for WWE superstar Curt Hawkins.

After teaming up with Tyler Reks in Sept. 2011 and wrecking shop on NXT and Superstars, the duo were in line to make waves on the main roster on Raw and SmackDown. In fact, they were briefly lackeys for John Laurinaitis before he lost power, and managed to maintain a spot with the lower card guys on the two big shows.

They didn't really get anywhere with that but a gimmick change saw the two re-debut as strippers after a stern talking to from Booker T. A quick squash over a couple jobbers showed some promise but the very next week, Reks asked for and was granted his release from the company to retire to spend time with his family.

This left Hawkins all alone. And it only got worse.

That's because he blew out his knee recently and had to get surgery on it, as he revealed last night on Twitter:

"Don't know why I haven't said anything. Maybe It was denial, but I wanted you all to know that I tore my PCL and Meniscus. Had to have surgery. Not sure of when my return will be but I can promise it will be a whole new look and attitude from Curt Hawkins this time around."

From Laurinaitis lackey to stripper to gimp, who knows what the future holds for Hawkins. If it's anything like the past, uncertainty.

Anyone think he'll eventually get over the hump and become a player on WWE television?

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