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Video: Impact Rewind from Sept. 27, 2012, featuring Hulk Hogan and Sting's abduction

With the latest episode of Impact Wrestling all set to pop off in just a few hours, TNA has released Impact Rewind for last week's episode featuring Hulk Hogan and Sting's abduction at the hands of Aces and 8s.

Missed any or all of last week's episode of Impact Wrestling?

Don't worry, TNA has got you covered. Not with the wrestling or anything but with the angles they shot last week, including the super campy reality spin with Hulk Hogan and Sting getting abducted by the Aces and 8s and held hostage briefly to set up a match at Bound for Glory.

As has been pointed out by so many others, it seems clear as day the distorted voice is Eric Bischoff. The way he talks is entirely too obvious, although he would fit in perfectly as the leader of the group and if you remember, Garrett, his son, gave Hogan a death stare from hell when he didn't choose him for the TV title shot after Devon left on Championship Thursday a few weeks back.

But who knows?

Bobby Roode trying to get inside Austin Aries' head is also in the video but that's probably not going anywhere so the main focus is still on Aces and 8s.

Be sure to see how they follow up with all this by checking out the TNA Impact live blog right here.

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