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Video: Jim Ross interview with CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin

Remember that sit-down interview Jim Ross conducted with CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin? Well, here's the video and it's as awesome as you thought it would be.

THQ and WWE are pulling out all the stops to help promote the WWE '13 video game and that includes this sit-down interview conducted by Jim Ross with cover boys CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

With the rivalry between the two you would think this would make for a compelling watch, right?

It's even better than you think.

Austin is in full promo mode from the minute he opens his mouth, instructing Ross not to cut him off at one point while telling Punk "don't stare at me with those little beady eyes" at another.

I challenge anyone to watch the ensuing staredown and not salivate at the idea of the two inside a WWE ring today, cutting promos on each other in the build up to a match at WrestleMania.

They cover plenty of ground and it's an enjoyable interview, so get to watching.

UPDATE: The original video has been pulled but we'll replace it with a new just as soon as possible.

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