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Former WWE Diva Amy Weber releases naked photos to TMZ

Only because her laptop was stolen that contained pictures from an unreleased nude photo shoot for Playboy! It's nothing about your career falling on hard times then?

More cleavage is shown here than on TMZ, I'm afraid Cagesiders!
More cleavage is shown here than on TMZ, I'm afraid Cagesiders!
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One thing you quickly learn in the blogging business is that stories about pornography are shameless "unique click generators". My two month old post about Chyna's latest dirty video is still getting thousands of hits a week. Down on their luck former celebrities realise that too; if all else fails, releasing some naughty pics online can garner you another five minutes of fame.

That brings us to the long forgotten, blinked and you missed her, former WWE Diva Amy Weber, who has come up with a rather fishy backstory to justify freely giving photos of a naked shoot for Playboy that never made print to TMZ earlier today:

"Ex-WWE Diva Amy Weber had a full spread of naked photos on her laptop that got stolen last week -- so rather than wait for some lowlife hacker to make money off "leaked" nude pics... she decided to release them for FREE!!!

Amy's laptop was swiped from her car last Wednesday while she was playing with her kids at an L.A. park -- and she tells us, the computer contained a nude spread she shot for Playboy that never made it to print.

Rather than sit and wait for the pics to surface on some seedy website, Weber tells us, she and her management team decided to release the photos on their own terms."

Usually the TMZ bloodhounds obtain police reports whenever a crime has been committed involving a star, but one was strangely absent from this piece. I also can't imagine that a somewhat famous model would be dumb enough to keep all their explicit photographs on a laptop that they carry around with them everywhere. Moreover, TMZ covers her naked breasts and exposed nether regions with big red stars, so it's not like the pictures are any more salacious than what could commonly be found in WWE's Raw Magazine in the late 1990s. This isn't close to Hulk Hogan Gawker humiliation, in fact I can't see what Weber has to be embarrassed about. is equally sceptical, chalking it up to a cynical marketing ploy to get her name back in the public eye, as these "stolen" pictures are too good to be true:

"I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be a desperate ploy for Weber to make a comeback of some sort. She resigned from the WWE in 2005 due to her allegations of harassment from some of the wrestlers. She later stated to the 'Cosmic Tribune' that she "wasn’t happy with the pay and I wasn’t happy with the ‘frat house’ like environment". She hasn’t done much since then, and this releasing of a nude photo spread is the first time her name has been mentioned in years."

As mentioned here many times before, it was a juvenile Randy Orton that initiated the mean-spirited hazing campaign that caused Weber to quit WWE just a few months after placing fourth in their 2004 Diva Search competition and subsequently being given the gimmick of JBL's image consultant in his stable at the time called The Cabinet.

But if she thought this publicity stunt could get her old WWE job back, then she's sadly mistaken, as in WWE's current PG environment they don't want any of their female performers having racy pics floating about on the net or in the wrong hands. Indeed, Lindsay Hayward, aka Aloisia / Isis the Amazon, was pulled from the third season of NXT and eventually fired from the company when they found out about her "Tall Amazons Erotica" fetish gallery. However, given the manner of her WWE departure, she's probably just looking for more acting, singing and modelling opportunities.

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