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That Was Awesome (clap clap clapclapclap): Vince McMahon awaits his punishment

You know what was awesome? When Shawn Michaels climbed a gigantic ladder and came crashing down on top of Vince McMahon, propped up on a table with a garbage can over his head.

Oh yes, we're dusting off this old feature on a slow Wednesday before Main Event hits your television screens and Cageside Live! assaults your eardrums.

Seeing as I'm taking over the reigns, at least for this re-debut, you knew I would go back to the well occupied by an endless stream of Shawn Michaels moments.

Like the time he climbed a gigantic ladder at WrestleMania 22 on April 2, 2006, at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, and delivered a flying elbow to Vince McMahon, who was laying in wait stretched out on a table below.

With a trash can over his head.

Yes, that means he was aware of the fact that Michaels would be crashing down on him from a ridiculous height but he didn't know when it was going to happen. He was forced to lay on the table in front of thousands of people in the arena who were swelling in anticipation as "The Heartbreak Kid" took each step up. Even when he got to the top of the ladder and got ready to launch, he held for a minute to give the good old crotch chop before leaping into immortality.

All while McMahon lay below, awaiting his punishment.

In the Heartbreak and Triumph DVD release, Ted DiBiase commented:

"I would not have jumped off that ladder. And I wouldn't have been laying in a trash can waiting for someone to jump off that ladder."

As did Michaels:

"And I get on top of that thing and I thought, 'this is higher than I thought it was.' You know I didn't even think about that, if you're the guy that's sitting in the trash can, just sit there and wait (whistles). Ha ha."

And finally McMahon:

"That didn't hurt at all."

The video:


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