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WWE Main Event results and live blog for Oct. 31: Happy Halloween!

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Oct. 31, 2012) episode of WWE Main Event, featuring a six-man tag team match.

WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 31, 2012) at 8 p.m. ET on the Ion Television network for yet another weekly episodic program from our favorite pro wrestling company.

Tonight's show features a six-man tag team match pitting the team of Alberto Del Rio and the Prime Time Players against Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara.

That's a loaded line-up, folks. And it's on Halloween!

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for complete results and the running live blog.



Nolan in.

Recap of the HIAC fallout.

Cole and JBL detailing some information on Maddox.

Now, we recap last week's events that lead to tonight's featured match.


Promo on Alberto Del Rio and all of his riches.


Alberto Del Rio and Primetime Players vs. Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, and Randy Orton

Match starts after commercial.

Young and Mysterio start.

Young trying to corner Mysterio, but Mysterio flicks a kick. Lockup and Young takes the back. Takedown into a front headlock by Young. Young smacking the back of the head of Mysterio and taunting.

Lockup again and Young with a knee to the stomach. Young sends Mysterio into the corner and Mysterio with a drop toehold in the corner.

Sin Cara in and he hits a running boot for a nearfall.

Sin Cara with forearms and punches. Enzuigiri by Sin Cara and he brings Randy Orton in.

Orton unloading with punches. Young sends him into the corner, but clotheslined down by Orton. Orton with the stomps to the downed Young. Suplex by Orton for a nearfall.

Orton stomps the hand of Young. Working the body in the corner. Young turns the offense around and gets Titus O'Neil in.

Titus pummeling Orton and Alberto Del Rio with a cheap shot as well. Titus with a snapmare and a leg drop for a nearfall.

Titus with a front headlock and tags Young in.

Young putting the offense on Orton, but Orton reverses and Mysterio tags in.

Mysterio with the running boot. Punches, but Young reverses with a knee. He drives Rey into the corner and tags in ADR.

ADR taunts Orton then gets an enzuigiri for a nearfall.

ADR with a side suplex for another nearfall.

ADR taunting Mysterio and landing stomps. He wraps Mysterio's back around the pole and turns it into a submission. ADR sends Mysterio into the ropes, but Mysterio counters and tags in Orton.

We go to break.

Back and Orton tags in Sin Cara against Titus. Titus having trouble catching Sin Cara, who hits a dropkick to the knee. Dropkick to the head and enzuigiri. Sin Cara in the corner and hits the pendulum kick. Springboard cross body earns him a nearfall.

Cara tripped up by ADR.

ADR brought in after Titus downs Sin Cara. Bodyslam by ADR earns him a nearfall.

ADR with a sleeper in, but Sin Cara out with torso shots. Sunset flip earns him a nearfall.

Sin Cara runs at ADR and trying to turn the tide, but he eats a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Young brought in and he chokes Sin Cara on the bottom rope. Stomping and he sends him to the outside. He brings him back and stomps some more, then brings in big Titus.

Titus picks up Sin Cara and clubs the chest, bringing Young back in.

Young with a stomp and locks in the sleeper. Sin Cara fights out and cracks Young with a leg kick. Young drops and Sin Cara gets a nearfall.

Sin Cara tags in Mysterio. Mysterio with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Young goes for a sunset flip, but Mysterio with a head kick and gets a nearfall.

Mysterio back on the offense and attempting a flying attack, but Young hits him in the air and sends him down to the floor.

We go to break once again.

Back and Young tags in Del Rio for Mysterio. Mysterio with a headscissors to put ADR on the ropes for the 619. Mysterio charges and eats a drop toehold into the second rope. Mysterio eats a boot to the head and ADR gets a nearfall.

Titus in and he steps on the throat of Mysterio. Mysterio fighting out for a tag, but Titus grabs him by the leg and rag dolls him into the opposite corner.

ADR back in and he charges a cornered Mysterio, but he gets a shoulder to the ring post.

ADR tags in Titus and he elbow drops Mysterio. Prevents the tag. He attacks Orton, but Orton lights him up. Titus carries Mysterio into his corner and brings in Young.

Young locking in the sleeper. Mysterio kicking Young's head, putting him out.

Young still manages to bring in Titus. Titus then brings in Del Rio.

Del Rio stomping the head for a nearfall.

Del Rio puts in the body triangle and Mysterio clocks the thighs to breakout. Mysterio is able to hit a tilt-a-whirl DDT that puts both men down.

Orton in.

Clothesline. Clothesline. Clothesline to Titus. And a powerslam for Young. And another for Del Rio. Orton clearing house right now. Del Rio on the apron and tries to grab Ricardo's hand, but Orton still gets the rope-assisted DDT.

Viper is coiled, but Titus knocks him down. Young follows in the beating. All the men go after each other and the faces come out on top. Sin Cara with the headscissors onto the second rope to ADR. 619 dialed up and connects. And finally, the RKO hits.

Orton gets the pinfall and victory for his team.

Striker in the ring to interview everyone.

Mysterio thanks everyone and wants everyone to know that they will be here for a long time. Sin Cara starts talking in Spanish. Mysterio translates and says they are teaming up to be tag team champs. Orton says they sent a message tonight, that being that there is only one "Apex Predator."


Josh Mathews with Primetime Players.

Young say they didn't actually lose that match. O'Neill says that they will win the tag team titles and keep them until WM 29.

Del Rio grabs the mic and says that Orton better watch his back on SmackDown.


Recap of the John Cena and AJ Lee situation.


Wade Barrett vs. Tyson Kidd

Match after break.

Back and Barrett just muscling Kidd into the corner. Barrett puts Kidd down on the mat and earns a nearfall.

Barrett putting in the chin lock. Kidd fights up, but Barrett puts him down on the mat on his head. He earns another nearfall.

Barrett with a sleeper hold and some knees to the ribs. Kidd with leg kicks and he corners Barrett. Barrett gets hit with an enzuigiri to the back of the head. Kidd with another kick and he earns a nearfall.

Spinning back kick by Kidd. Barrett counters with a spinning slam. Nearfall.

Barrett puts Kidd on the top rope and cracking Kidd with a right hand. He goes up top to follow, but Kidd puts him down on the mat with headbutts and body shots. Kidd goes with a missile dropkick and he earns a nearfall on Barrett.

Barrett charges Kidd and Kidd pulls down the rope. Kidd on the apron and he hits a running kick. Kidd back inside and he goes for a suicide dive, but Barrett with a huge punch.

Barrett goes back inside and hits The Souvenir.

Barrett wins.

Barrett grabs the mic and he wants a shot at Sheamus, saying that if he put up his title against him instead of Big Show, it wouldn't have even been a contest.

Sheamus here. He says he has no problem with the English, but he hates Barrett. He says that he is willing to take on Barrett.

Barrett lays down the gauntlet for next week's episode of Main Event.

Sheamus says we don't have to wait and charges the ring. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but Barrett ducks under and goes to the outside.

We have next week's feature!


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