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Jeff Hardy says WWE return 'depends on where I'll be at in a few months'

Jeff Hardy's contract with TNA comes up in February 2013 and a WWE return could be in the cards. But what does the man himself have to say about that?

The most interesting story in TNA right now isn't Christopher Daniels thinking Claire Lynch was a good idea, or the company seemingly giving away results of its biggest show of the year in posters for its next pay-per-view (PPV) event but rather Jeff Hardy and his contract coming up in February 2013.

It's been speculated that WWE could make a play for the "Charismatic Enigma" even with his already having two strikes against him, but TNA has its own unique allure.

In a recent interview with the Phoenix New Times, Hardy was outright asked if he would consider going to WWE over TNA when his contract comes up early next year:

"Man, I really can't answer that. I'm happy where I'm at right now with TNA. But you never say never in this business, so it depends on where I'll be at in a few months."

That's an interesting answer to a loaded question. He's smart in leaving the door open, of course, but he's even smarter in saying it all depends on where he's at in a few months.

There have been reports stating the decision to put Hardy in the main event of Bound for Glory, TNA's version of WrestleMania, was made in direct response to his contract coming up next year. The thought process seems to be that if the company builds around Hardy, making him champion and giving him a clean title victory at the biggest event of the year, he'll be more compelled to re-sign.

Another thing to consider is the creative freedom TNA offers, something that is obviously extremely important to Hardy. Later in the same interview, he made even more telling comments:

"Yeah, I think so. It was great when I was champion for the first time. That's like the ultimate goal in anybody's dream. That's the thing you always dream about. Just seeing how good the talent is here at TNA and especially to have such freedom to be different and do different things here. I'm really excited about what it's going to be like if I'm able to win at Bound for Glory."

A report from is saying Hardy's preference is to sign a new deal with TNA. Simply put, the company offers a lighter travel schedule, less demand on him physically, and a pair of Wellness strikes isn't hanging over his head, not to mention the creative freedom he spoke of.

Then again, WWE could swoop in with a big money offer and promises of a big push to the main event -- where legitimate headlining attractions are sorely needed right now -- and steal him back.

Time will tell.

Where would you rather see Hardy, Cagesiders -- TNA or WWE?

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