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WWE 'Main Event' results and live blog for Oct. 3: The debut episode featuring CM Punk vs Sheamus

Tonight (Oct. 3, 2012) marks the debut episode of the latest weekly WWE series, Main Event, which starts at 8 p.m. ET on the Ion network. We'll have complete results and a running live blog of all the festivities.

WWE Main Event comes waltzing into our lives for the very first time tonight (Oct. 3, 2012) at 8 p.m. ET on the Ion network for yet another weekly episodic program from our favorite pro wrestling company.

As if the other 678 hours weren't enough.

Tonight's show will feature CM Punk vs. Sheamus in a champion vs. champion match and a tag team title tournament match pitting Zack Ryder and Santino Marella vs. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd.

At least they're kicking this thing off right.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for complete results and the running live blog.



Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.

Michael Cole and The Miz are in the ring kicking off the broadcast.

They preview all the things going down tonight, including hyping CM Punk taking on Sheamus.


CM Punk video package follows the preview.

Features footage from his new DVD and details how he was never supposed to make it this far.


Matt Striker speaking to CM Punk in his locker room, with Paul Heyman present.

Striker asks about this champion vs. champion match.

Punk says he looks forward to it so he can squash all this disrespect. He says he will run through Sheamus tonight, and he asks Paul Heyman why.

"Because he is the best in the world!"


Miz and Cole back in-ring.

We go backstage to Sheamus talking to Josh Mathews.

He asks for his response to Punk.

Sheamus says he will show Punk respect the only way he knows how, by shoving his boot down his throat.

Sheamus video package follows.


Sheamus/Punk match up after commercial.


CM Punk vs. Sheamus

Some mouthing off after the intros for both men.

Bell rings.

Lockup and Sheamus puts Punk into the ropes. Punk breaks away.

Back to the middle of the ring and Punk flicks out a leg kick. Lockup and Punk with a side headlock. Sheamus reverses it into a side headlock of his own and a headlock takeover. Sheamus still working the hold.

Punk attempts to send him off the ropes, but they go back to the mat in the middle of the ring. Punk gets a nearfall while tilting Sheamus a bit. Hold still locked.

Back to the feet and Sheamus sent off the ropes. He gets a shoulder bump for a nearfall. Sheamus again gets the side headlock and the takeover. Nearfall as Punk's shoulders were on the mat.

Sheamus again off the ropes and another shoulder block. Rope-running predicament gets Punk a dropkick. Punk with the Thai clinch and a knee to the gut. Punk working Sheamus in the corner. He charges and eats the boots of Sheamus.

Sheamus skins the cat and goes up top.

Punk is there and sends him off to the outside as we hit break.

Back and Punk is doing the ten forearms to the chest, but Sheamus with a hangman's neckbreaker. Sheamus unloading on Punk in the corner with stomps. Punk uses a drop toehold to send Sheamus into the turnbuckle. Snapmare and kick to the back by Punk.

Punk with a knee drop. Back on the feet and hammerlock for Punk. He uses it so slam Sheamus into the corner. Sheamus with a kick to the knee cap from his back. Punk with a dropkick to put down Sheamus.

Back in the middle and Punk with a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Sleeper in. Sheamus out and axhandles for Punk. He rams Punk into the corner. Running kneelift and running powerslam get Sheamus a nearfall.

Punk to the apron and Sheamus now with the ten forearms to the chest, but Punk counters with a headkick! Nearfall for Punk as we go to break.

Back and Sheamus is laid out on the outside. Punk inside taunting. Punk goes for a suicide dive, but Sheamus hits him with a forearm. Battering ram and Sheamus with a nearfall.

Both men taking their time to get up.

Sheamus playing to the fans, getting ready for the Brogue Kick. Punk goes into the corner and ties himself in the ropes to get a break. Sheamus carries him out, but Punk disconnects the second turnbuckle pad as he is brought out.

Sheamus gets Punk on the apron and ten forearms to the chest. White Noise back inside grabs a nearfall for Sheamus. Sheamus putting knees into the spine of Punk. He wants a Texas Cloverleaf, but Punk pushes him into the corner. Running knee.

Punk now up top.

Elbow drop to the chest gets Punk a nearfall.

Punk wants Sheamus to go to sleep.

Sheamus up on his shoulders, and he goes down, but Sheamus grabs the leg.

Texas Cloverleaf in!

Punk crawling to the ropes ever so slowly. He gets the rope break.

Punk rolls to the corner and realizes the turnbuckle is exposed. Sheamus walks at him, but Punk with headbutts to the stomach. Spinning back kick for Punk sends Sheamus into the opposite corner with all turnbuckles covered. Punk charges at Sheamus, but he eats an Irish Curse.

Sheamus wants the Brogue Kick, but Punk hits the drop toehold into the exposed turnbuckle.

Punk rolls him up, grabs some tights, and gets the pin for the victory.

Striker interviewing Sheamus in the ring. He praises the effort, but says that couldn't be the result he was hoping for.

Sheamus grabs the mic. He says all he has heard about is Punk demanding respect. He says with the way this match ended, there's no reason he deserves respect. Sheamus says he has no excuses, but he promises that Punk will be taking it on the chin next match...via a Brogue Kick.


Going to commercial, but Punk has an interview when we get back.


Mathews with Punk and Heyman.

Mathews said it was a controversial finish and wonders if that his definition of earning respect.

Heyman says that he just beat Sheamus fair and square and he doesn't understand why he would warrant that disrespect. He says if that isn't him being the best in the world, he doesn't know what is.

Mathews says there is mounting pressure for Punk to take on Cena.

Heyman wonders how Mathews got this job. Heyman says he is standing in the midst of a legend. He is standing next to the best in the world.

Heyman tells Mathews to leave.


Orton will take on Big Show next week.

Striker with Show and Show tells Orton that his fist will be the only thing he sees next week.


Tag Team Tournament: Santino Marella and Zack Ryder vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel

Gabriel and Marella start.

Grappling exchange leads to Gabriel getting the side headlock. Santino sends him off the ropes and Gabriel with the shoulder block. Rope running predicament and Santino attempts the hip toss, but Gabriel counters out.

Tags bringing in Kidd and Ryder.

Kidd with the side headlock and he goes off the ropes. The two exchange leapfrogs and duck-unders for Ryder to get the flapjack for a nearfall.

Ryder with the side headlock and Kidd makes a blind tag. Kidd with a drop toehold. Gabriel comes in and gets a front chancery and Kidd boots Ryder in the face.

Gabriel gets a nearfall. Gabriel with a forearm and isolates Ryder in their corner. Tag. Gabriel whips Ryder into a mule kick by Kidd and he walks into a spinning hook kick by Gabriel. Kidd with a nearfall. Front headlock in on Ryder.

Gabriel tags himself in and hits a sunset flip for a nearfall. Gabriel with a sunset flip in for a nearfall. Gabriel with a kick to the stomach and attempting a suplex. Ryder runs him into the ropes for a rollup attempt, but Gabriel tags Kidd.

Rough Ryder attempt gets Ryder in the air and he lands on a Kidd kick. Kidd with a springboard elbow for a nearfall.

Santino breaks up the pin and him and Gabriel end up brawling to the outside. Ryder rolls up Kidd, but nothing. Kidd with kicks and a corkscrew rollup for a nearfall.

Kidd whips Ryder, but Ryder with knees to the face. Kidd crawls into the corner.

Tags Santino and hits the Broski Boot.

Cobra strikes. Pin and victory.

Santino and Zack advance.

The two celebrate as we fade to black.


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