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WWE Raw results and live blog for Oct. 29: The Hell in a Cell fallout show

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Oct. 29, 2012) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, featuring all the results and fallout from the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view that took place last night in Atlanta.


WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 29, 2012) from the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, featuring all the results and fallout from the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view that took place last night in Atlanta.

CM Punk is still the WWE champion but he only retained his title thanks to Brad Maddox delivering a low blow to Ryback and then pulling a fast count to get Punk the pinfall victory. That's the same referee Punk and Paul Heyman berated and told to resign weeks ago, by the way.

Big Show is the new world heavyweight champion and you can bet Sheamus is going to have something to say about that. Or maybe Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler will.

And, of course, John Cena and AJ Lee are going to be presented with evidence of their affair by Vickie Guerrero, who says she can prove they were boning down. Or whatever.

It all goes down tonight.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Geno in da howse. Sup?

Broadcast is live.

CM Punk is out first to tell us he proved all of us wrong. He's got his ribs taped, wearing only a light running jacket unzipped so we can see.

"Hey bucket head," he says pointing to someone ringside. "You were wrong. And you were wrong," he says pointing to another fan.

You get the picture.

He brings up Rey Mysterio, and shutting him down. Then Randy Orton and how he took out "The Apex Predator." Naturally, this leads to John Cena being Superman and Punk being his kryptonite.

Oh and Ryback isn't even in the conversation.

This is where Punk gets into what happens last night. He says he was shocked like everyone else when the referee went rogue and the only thing he's guilty of is taking advantage of the situation.

He brings up AJ being the one who hired Brad Maddox, the rogue referee, and again seeks to reassure us he had nothing to do with Maddox doing what he did.

Punk is moving on to bigger and better things, he says, and Ryback will not be getting a rematch.


By gawd, that's Mick Foley's music. And here he comes, walking briskly to the ring with a purpose.

A Foley chant breaks out and Punk mocks the crowd by calling Foley a homeless guy who is clearly displaced dealing with the hurricane on the East Coast.

"Stay classy, Punk."

Foley brings up Punk getting beat down at Hell in a Cell and Punk wants to know what the point of it Foley's appearance is RIGHT HERE in Charlotte, North Carolina. Punk thinks Foley is here to embarrass him but Foley assures him he's not. He's here to yell at Punk about tradition and having the classic match he talked about before.

Punk tells Foley to shove it because he's the guy who would throw himself into barbed wire and off houses just to win a match. Uh-oh, Punk says Foley keeps popping up, so let's have a traditional Survivor Series match next month:

Team Foley vs. Team Punk.

Foley says he's on and again the crowd chants his name.

Punk starts to trash Foley for whoever he picks Ryback's music hits to cut him off to a decent pop and he comes rushing down the ramp. Punk and Paul Heyman, of course, bail out, and Ryback leads a chorus of "FEED ME MORE."


Ryback stays in the ring and JTG is in there too.

Ryback vs. JTG

How do you think this is going to go? Ryback grabbed him and called him stupid before a face plant, then a powerslam. Thesz press and now he's just banging his head against the mat repeatedly. Like seven times now.

Meathook clothesline sets up the finish.

Lift, march, Shell Shock, pinfall.

Josh Matthews gets in the ring and tries to do an interview. "You must have an appetite for revenge."

Ryback grabs the mic and says revenge is for those who have been hurt and he's not injured, he's hungry. And when he feasts again, he'll do so on CM Punk.



I'm here, folks. To put you up to speed, Team Hell No beat Primetime Players and Wade Barrett lost to Randy Orton.

Also, AJ Lee was taunted by Vickie Guerrero backstage.

Let's go live.


Vickie Guerrero here.

And she introduces John Cena.

Cena says that Vickie's actions last week were outrageous. Cena takes umbrage with Vickie going to social media to say she has proof. He requests the proof.

Vickie rolls footage of Cena asking AJ on a date from 3 weeks ago.

Cena says it was clearly a joke.

Vickie then shows footage of Cena hugging AJ last week.

Cena says that it was because of AJ losing her job he gave her that hug. He was being a good friend.

Vickie asks if good friends go on romantic dinners, showing a pic of the two eating dinner.

Cena says that it was a business dinner.

Vickie says it is pathetic and rolls footage of Cena inviting AJ into the elevator. LOVE IN A ELEVATOR!

Cena says that he knows that looks. He says that all that was two people getting into an elevator. Cena says that he just walked AJ to her door in the hotel. Cena says that AJ is attractive and better than Vickie will ever be.

Ziggler enters.

He says that we can all draw a conclusion here. Ziggler says that because of Cena's sophomoric urges...

Cena grabs Ziggler. He tells him to never mention AJ and his name in the same sentence again. He shoves him down and leaves.


Champion vs. Champion: Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro on the mic. Crowd admonishes him with "USA!" chants. Cesaro says travelling around the country, he discovered America has the fattest children in the world. Even worse, Halloween is coming up, where obese kids go door to door to collect candy from stupid adults.

America needs Cesaro.

Miz is at commentary.

Cesaro with a hip toss. He works Kofi with some strikes and attempts a throw. Kofi cartwheels his way out. Cesaro charges Kofi and he hits the pendulum kick in the corner. Kofi up top, but Cesaro stops him. Flying knee to the stomach and throw.

Cesaro brings it to the mat with an armlock. Kofi elbows out on the torso and Cesaro attempts a slam. Kofi countering and sends Cesaro to the outside with a dropkick.

Cesaro attempts to clothesline Kofi after he drags him outside. Kofi ducks under and launches off the steps with a forearm splash. Kofi gets Cesaro and tosses him into Miz, who was jawing at Kofi.

Kofi puts Cesaro back inside, but Miz trips him up on the apron.

Kofi wins via DQ.

Cesaro and Miz putting the boots to Kofi. R-Truth comes out to help and him and Kofi clear house. The team poses and jaws at the heels.


Vickie Guerrero with AJ Lee backstage.

She asks AJ to tell her how romantic Cena was. She continues to push the issue, but AJ says that there is nothing to tell, since nothing happened. AJ says there is no reason to lie to Vickie and shred her dignity.

Vickie surprised, so she hires AJ on the condition that she never lays a hand on Vickie. Vickie welcomes her back, and gives her a match against Beth Phoenix.

AJ looks mad, but then smiles and thanks Vickie.


Three Man Band "Behind the Music" segment.

Mahal says that he is the class clown and is known as the funny one. Slater says they connect with the people. McIntyre spouts on about their artistic genius.

The interviewer keeps prodding and the group ends the interview.


Team CoBro vs. Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal

Ryder and Mahal start.

Jinder puts Ryder down with strikes. He sends Ryder into the corner, but Mahal runs into the knees of Ryder. Missile dropkick. Ryder with the Broski Boot.

Slater distracts Ryder and gives Mahal time to recover. Mahal with a hangman's neckbreaker.

The team exchanges tags back and forth, muscling Ryder down with strikes. Slater gets a nearfall out of it. Mahal tagged in.

Slater whips Ryder into Mahal's flying knee. Mahal just pummeling Ryder and pushes Ryder back in the corner. Slater back in.

Slater puts a few strikes together and locks in the sleeper. Ryder punches his way out, but Slater puts him in the corner and pummels Ryder. Slater goes for a forearm splash, but he misses and Ryder gets Santino Marella in.

Santino with strikes. The hiptoss. And, of course, the headbutt. Nearfall as Mahal breaks up the pin attempt. Mahal and Ryder take each other out to the outside.

Inside, Cobra time? McIntyre hops on the apron and Slater uses that to whip Santino into the ropes, but Santino hits a flying Cobra on McIntyre. Slater takes advantage with his facebuster finisher.

3MB wins.


Jerry Lawler will return in two weeks.


AJ Lee vs. Beth Phoenix

Phoenix walks AJ down, intimidating the smaller opponent. Phoenix pushes her away with one hand. AJ walks back up and Phoenix pushes her to the ground.

Phoenix daring AJ to try something.

AJ goes berserk and starts an all out catfight. She gets the back, but Beth tosses her to the mat by her hair. Kicking AJ and rubbing her face in the mat. Phoenix tosses AJ to the outside.

Phoenix ramming AJ into the apron.

Back inside and Phoenix gets a nearfall. Phoenix picks AJ up, but AJ with the inside cradle.

AJ picks up the upset victory.

Vickie Guerrero here. She says that she expects a lot more from AJ, since she wants to be a Superstar. Phoenix attacks her from behind. Vickie says she will give AJ one more chance to do better.

She demands the ref to ring the bell.

Beth Phoenix gets the Glam Slam and picks up the victory.


Rain coming down heavy at the moment, so power could go out.

Just to alert you Cagesiders.


Sheamus enters.

He asks the crowd how they are doing. He says that he is standing here without a title, but he still has a smile on his face. He says he is disappointed, but Big Show was the better man last night. He says it took two punches, but Show knocked him out.

Sheamus said he didn't come to WWE to always win, but to fight. Last night, it was his best fight. He pushed Big Show to his limit. Sheamus says he is dying for another fight and that when he gets Big Show again, it will be a war.

Sheamus says he will be victorious in that war.

Enter Big Show.

Show says the title looks good around his shoulder. He says he told everyone he could do it. He says he knows Sheamus is smiling because he is hiding the truth. He is hiding his disappointment in Show having the title.

Show says Sheamus wants to talk about battles and wars, but he brought Show to a level he thought he never had. He says he now realizes that he has no limit. He says if Sheamus wants to go to war, he'll end Sheamus like he was Custer.

"Sheamus, look at me, you red-headed gingersnap!"

He tells Sheamus that he will never beat him.

Sheamus asks Show if he has ever seen a ginger snap, then plants him with a White Noise.

Show looks pissed in the ring and Sheamus looking triumphant.


Cena backstage with AJ, giving her a hug and congratulating her on her getting a job.

Guerrero lurks in the background and Beth Phoenix comes up and thanks Vickie for restarting the match. Vickie says that she will not tolerate poor performances.

Beth Phoenix is fired.


Rhodes Scholars vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

Rhodes and Mysterio start.

Rhodes gets the side headlock and shoulder block. Nearfall.

Rey runs the ropes and gets a dropkick for a nearfall on Cody.

Sandow in and Sin Cara in.

Sin Cara doing handstands and prompts Sandow to hide between the ropes. Sandow with the hammerlock, but Sin Cara counters out with a bulldog throw. Sandow frustrated and he tags Cody Rhodes in.

Rhodes eats a big leg kick. Spinning back kick by Sin Cara.

Mysterio tagged in and they double-team Cody Rhodes. Rhodes turns the tide and gets power offense in. Sandow tagged back in and does some of the same, tagging Rhodes back in.

Sin Cara is brought back in. Sin Cara hits the springboard moonsault on Cody on the outside. Mysterio hits a flying senton to the outside on Sandow.

We go to break with the masked men in control.

Back and Sandow has the nearfall. And another. And another.

Sandow drags Sin Cara to the corner and tags in Rhodes.

Rhodes gets the delayed front suplex. Nearfall from Rhodes.

Rhodes wrenching the arm in an armbar. He turns it into a wrist lock. Sin Cara in pain, but Rhodes still has the hold in. Sin Cara rolls through and kicks the legs. Rhodes reaches over to Sandow for a tag.

Sandow with stomps and raking the knee in Sin Cara's face. Sandow using the front headlock to control Sandow and tags in Rhodes.

Rhodes goes for an Alabama Slam, but Sin Cara reverses it. Sin Cara off the ropes and hits a headscissors. Both men down.

Mysterio in on the hot tag. Senton. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Cody tosses him to the outside and tries to move to the apron, but Mysterio with a shoulder block. Sandow knocks him on the apron.

Sandow is tagged in and he is working Mysterio with the power offense. Mysterio with a small package for a nearall. Sandow reaches over to get the tag to Rhodes.

Rhodes in and stomping Mysterio. He hooks the leg for a nearfall. Running boot by Rhodes earns him another nearfall. Sandow in.

Rhodes holds Mysterio down. The team attempts the double suplex, but Mysterio turns it into a DDT.

Sin Cara is brought in and he gets a double crossbody. Springboard elbow by Sin Cara and an enzuigiri gets a nearfall. Sin Cara stomping the wrist and gets a flying arm drag. Sin Cara puts Rhodes down for a 619, but he scoots out. He takes out Mysterio on the outside. Sin Cara takes out Rhodes with a flying crossbody.

Back on the apron and Sin Cara nails Sandow with a pendulum kick. Sin Cara going up top for the Swanton, but Rhodes drags Sandow out of the way.

Terminus lands and Rhodes Scholars win.


Foley backstage with Kaitlyn, talking about WWE 13.

Heyman says it is irresponsible for Foley to not be working on organizing a team. Foley says that Superstars are lining up. Heyman suggests to watch out, as Punk has a target on Foley.


Vince McMahon and the WWE locker room introduce John Cena in the middle of the ring to talk about Breast Cancer Awareness and Susan G. Komen.

WWE gives the organization one million dollars.

Pretty good stuff.


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