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On this date in WCW history: Abdullah The Butcher fries in the electric chair

WCW kept the gimmick train rolling at Halloween Havoc on this date in history, frying Abdullah the Butcher in an electric chair.

On October 27, 1991, WCW unveiled the "Chamber of Horrors,' aptly named for how horrible this insipid melee was despite featuring the team of Sting, El Gigante, Rick and Scott Steiner taking on Big Van Vader, Cactus Jack, Abdullah The Butcher and The Diamond Studd.

It was the opening match at Halloween Havoc and damn near killed the heat for the entire show.

The biggest issue was that fans just couldn't make heads or tails of what was happening inside the chamber -- even less so when the electric chair was lowered.

And speaking of the hot seat, the only way to win the match was to strap your opponent in and flip the switch, death row style. In other words, the usual classy stuff from WCW.

Abdullah took one for the team but I have to imagine even a guy who blades as much as he did had to be just a wee bit scared with all that electricity and pyrotechnics shooting off around him.

Any Cagesiders out there unlucky enough to witness this clusterfuck as it went down?

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