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WWE SmackDown results and live blog for Oct. 26: Final hype for Hell in a Cell

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Oct. 26, 2012) episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, featuring the final hype for the upcomingHell in a Cell pay-per-view event this Sunday night (Oct. 26) in Atlanta, Georgia.

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WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 26, 2012) from Providence, Rhode Island with a taped show on SyFy featuring all the final hype to the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) this Sunday night in Atlanta, GA.

That means Big Show and Sheamus are scheduled for one more showdown before their world heavyweight title match and Team Hell No and The Rhodes Scholars will battle it out in a series of singles matches.

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers for the show click here.

If not, come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.

Randy Orton joins us.

Orton on the mic and says that he wants to set the record straight. He says most of the crowd thinks he despises Alberto Del Rio because he attacked him last month. He says it is why he attacked him, not how. Orton says Alberto Del Rio didn't finish the job and wasn't honest. He says at HIAC, he will give him the most brutal beating of his life.

Orton says that once he gets him in the ring...

And enter Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez.

Del Rio says that Orton isn't very smart and that last week, he said they'll move on his terms. He says on Sunday, he will prove Orton is a garden snake that he can smash at any moment.

He says he is the new "Apex Predator" in the WWE.

Orton translates for the crowd, saying that ADR is all talk and is spineless.

ADR says he isn't afraid and that he has decided Orton's time is up. They'll now be doing it on his terms right now.

ADR stays frozen on the ramp as Orton looks ready in the ring.

ADR says he isn't ready yet, but he'll see Orton on Sunday.

And Wade Barrett lays out Orton from behind.


ADR and Ricardo are confronted by Teddy Long.

He is suspicious of what ADR was trying to pull. ADR says nothing was up, but Barrett comes up and asks if that was what ADR was looking for.

Teddy says Booker wants Barrett vs. Orton tonight.


Cody Rhodes vs. Kane

Daniel Bryan and Damien Sandow join the announce team for this match.

Rhodes tries to open up, but Kane with the big boot and landing the strikes in the corner. Kane splashes Rhodes in the corner. He pulls another. Kane gets a nearfall after putting Rhodes down.

Kane goes up top and lands the flying clothesline.

Kane wants the Chokeslam. He walks into a Rhodes elbow, but Kane with an uppercut. Kane tosses Rhodes into the corner and goes for the sidewalk slam, but Rhodes flips out. Boot to the face lands. Disaster Kick lands and Rhodes gets a nearfall.

Rhodes with a hangman's neckbreaker. He puts Kane down for a nearfall and starts unloading strikes on Kane. Kane wobbled, but he comes back and puts Rhodes down. Rhodes with a dropkick to the knee of Kane and a Russian leg sweep for a nearfall.

Rhodes still working the strikes, but Kane is able to once again counter. Rhodes drops down for his slap, but he ends up in a vice grip of a choke.

Chokeslam lands. Kane takes home the win.


Booker T backstage with Big Show. He tells Show he doesn't want any trouble tonight, but he wants some hype.

Show promises the hype and winning the title on Sunday.


The Miz vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Tatsu ready to go, but Miz slowly stalking. Lockup and Miz with the hammerlock. Turns it into an arm wrench. Now into a side headlock. Miz off the ropes and gets a shoulder block. Rope running and leapfrogging gets Miz a boot to the face of Tatsu.

Tatsu down and Miz baseball slides Tatsu to the outside.

Action moves outside and Miz with a scoop slam on the floor. He picks Tatsu up and rams him into the ring apron before rolling him in to break the count. He drapes his head over the apron and clubs the back, then landing a running knee.

Back inside and Miz stomps Tatsu down, landing strikes to the face of his downed opponent. Miz goes off the ropes and lands a running boot. Miz locks in a chin lock and tries a slam, but Tatsu falls over on him for a nearfall.

Tatsu unloading with strikes and trying to turn the tide. Spinning back kick. Tatsu goes off the ropes, but Miz drops him with a two-handed chop. Miz with a DDT that plants Tatsu.

Skull-Crushing Finale lands and Miz pins Tatsu for the victory.


Raw Rebound features Ryback confronting WWE Champion CM Punk.

Main Event recaps the Paul Heyman interview.


WWE Divas Champion Eve and Kaitlyn's confrontation on Raw is replayed.


Booker T is joined by Kaitlyn, Eve, Layla, and Aksana.

Teddy Long joins the group, placing the guilt on Eve and details the plan. Teddy says Eve's jig is up and that she is a liar.

Booker says that if this is true, he can't have her on staff.

Eve says that she is too trusting and leaves her iPad and iPhone laying around.

Kaitlyn and Layla don't agree with this and start arguing.

Booker is fed up and makes a triple-threat match at HIAC between Kaitlyn, Layla, and Eve for the Divas title.

For now, he makes Aksana and Eve take on Kaitlyn and Layla tonight.


Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

Orton immediately takes the offense to Barrett with strikes and sends Barrett outside.

Orton follows and slams Barrett's head on the arena mat. A stomp and the action goes back inside.

Orton stepping on all the joints and limbs of Barrett. Uppercut from Orton puts Barrett down again. Orton locks in a sleeper hold and Barrett struggling. Barrett with elbows to the torso, but Orton turns it into a side suplex for a nearfall.

Barrett starts unloading on Orton's torso and starts striking the head. Barrett muscles him into the corner after some resistance and whips him into the opposite corner. Orton powers off and lands a clothesline. Knee drop by Orton gets him a nearfall.

Orton plays to the fans and lands a snap suplex to Barrett, but he only gets a nearfall once again.

Barrett moves outside to regroup, but Orton takes chase. Barrett turns around and lands a boot to the gut of Orton. He slams Orton's face into the mat.

Orton is put back inside and Barrett on the apron. Orton kicks Barrett in the gut and works the arm. He wants the rope-assisted DDT, but Barrett powers him with a back bodydrop to the apron. Orton hangs on, but Barrett puts him down with a sidekick to the stomach. Orton falls to the floor.

Barrett sends Orton into the announce table as we go to break.

Barrett has Orton in a chin lock as we come back. Orton fights out, but eats a knee to the stomach. Barrett ties Orton up in the ropes. He chokes him then unloads knees in the Thai clinch. Boot follows up and Orton looks done on the apron.

Barrett drags him back in for a nearfall.

Barrett sends Orton into the corner and follows up with a backbreaker. Barrett gets the nearfall.

Barrett locks in the chin lock once again. Orton headbutts out and goes off the ropes, but runs into the boot of Barrett. Barrett once again only gains a nearfall.

Barrett trying the power offense and hooks the arm of Orton, unloading with shots to the ribs. He follows with a pulling clothesline that once again only gets the nearfall.

Barrett up top, but Orton with a forearm shiver to the torso. Orton with headbutts and punches as Barrett remains perched. Orton with ten punches to the head. And one for good measure. Orton moves up top and lands a superplex. Orton crawls for a nearfall.

Barrett starts charging, but he gets the clothesline, clothesline, powerslam combination. Barrett reverses an Irish whip and puts Orton in the corner, but he runs into the boot. Orton charges but eats a tilt-a-whirl slam. Nearfall.

Souvenir is being looked for. Orton ducks out and gets a neckbreaker. Rope-assisted DDT lands.

Viper is coiled.

And Del Rio comes down to ringside.

Orton distracted, but Barrett's onslaught is stopped by strikes. ADR gets on the apron and Orton charges, but Barrett is there with a Souvenir.

Barrett picks up the upset pinfall.

ADR picking up the scraps here and putting the boots to Orton. He puts Orton in the corner and tries an enzuigiri, but Orton ducks out. ADR with a sidekick and wants the Cross Armbreaker, but Orton counters into an RKO attempt.

ADR escapes swiftly and remains unscathed.


Eve and Aksana vs. Layla and Kaitlyn

Aksana and Layla start off.

Lockup and Aksana muscling Layla around. Power offense by Aksana. Layla with a few rollup attempts for nearfalls. Kaitlyn tagged in and Layla lands the springboard crossbody.

Kaitlyn in and gets a nearfall. Power offense working for Kaitlyn and gets a backbreaker. Kaitlyn attacks Eve on the apron, but she ends up getting leveled by Aksana.

Eve brought in and gets a snapmare. Boot to the chest gets Eve a nearfall.

Eve choking Kaitlyn on the ropes and tries a cartwheel attack, but she lands on the knees of Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn wants the tag, but Eve is able to isolate Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn with the small package for a nearfall.

Strikes start landing for Kaitlyn. Shoulder block lands for Kaitlyn and she takes Aksana inside. She puts both down and allows Layla to land a spinning back kick to Aksana. She lets Layla land a head kick...

But, Eve ducks and Kaitlyn eats the kick.

Eve pushes Layla to the outside and takes the pinfall victory.


Raw Rebound recaps the resignation of AJ Lee and the relationship between John Cena and AJ.


Booker T talking to Sheamus. He wants Sheamus to keep a cool head tonight. He says that Show promised to.

Sheamus says that is a lie and that he respects Booker, but makes no promises for tonight.


Daniel Bryan backstage with Kane.

Kane says that he won his match so he knows he isn't the weak link in the team. He tells Bryan that there is no pressure on him tonight.

He gives him a pat on the butt, to which Bryan says, "NO!"


Daniel Bryan vs. Damien Sandow

Cody Rhodes and Kane at the announce table.

Sandow has a mic as he enters. He begs our indulgence and says that this craze that is sweeping the nation shows how simple-minded we are. What is this fascination with "YES!"?

Sandow says there are different ways to respond affirmatively. He says that he is more handsome and has a better beard than Bryan. He says Team Rhodes Scholars will win the belts Sunday.

Bryan goes on the offensive immediately, causing Sandow to go to the outside. Bryan chasing him and beating him from pillar to post. Sandow with a shoulder bump to the chest and he goes on the offensive. Bryan stifles this with a drop toehold and a kick of the ropes. Missile dropkick lands and gets Bryan a nearfall.

Bryan working some submission holds as we go to a commercial break.

Back from break and Sandow down on the outside. Bryan with a kick to the chest and puts Sandow back inside.

Bryan chases and Sandow begs the referee to hold him back. The referee stands between the two and Sandow gets a dropkick to the knee of Bryan. Sandow with a knee drop and he lands the Russian leg sweep. Elbow of Disdain lands for a nearfall.

Sandow with a knee to the back and clubbing the chest. He puts in the sleeper hold on Daniel Bryan. Bryan fights out, but he gets clotheslined down by Sandow. Sandow striking the downed opponent. Sandow whips Bryan into the corner, but Bryan with his backflip. Clothesline lands for Bryan.

Bryan in his "NO!" trance.

Running dropkick gets Bryan a nearfall.

Bryan with kicks to the chest of Sandow. Sandow reverses the offense, but Bryan gets the back bodydrop that sends Sandow to the outside.

Bryan shoves Cody Rhodes as he comes up, but Sandow puts Bryan down. Kane chases, but Rhodes slams Bryan into the ring post.

Back inside, Sandow gets his straightjacket neckbreaker. He takes home the victory.

The team celebrates with a cartwheel from Sandow on the stage.


Josh Mathews in the ring to mediate a face-to-face between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Big Show.

Security in the ring to separate the two big men.

Show gets the microphone. Show says that the KO Punch is stronger than most finishers in the history of WWE. Show says scientific evidence proves his KO Punch is more powerful than the Brogue Kick.

Sheamus on the microphone. He says that if Show believes the KO Punch is powerful, then he can go ahead and boost his ego. Sheamus says Show has to actually land the punch.

Show says that Sheamus must have forgotten the last time he tried to Brogue Kick him.

Roll footage from Raw three weeks ago.

Show says that his boot got to his chest. He says that he is a giant and Sheamus doesn't have what it takes to the land the Brogue Kick. Show says that if Sheamus thinks he has what it takes to win, he's either stupid or delusional.

Sheamus says he loves a cold pint and a good fight. Sheamus says that his mouth began to water when he knew he had an opportunity at Big Show. Sheamus says that he strives for a challenge and there is none bigger than Big Show.

Sheamus says since WM, he has beaten everyone who has challenged for his title. He says that he will conquer the mountain that is the Big Show.

Show says he isn't ready and he thinks he is scared.

Sheamus says that if he has to chop Show down and land ten Brogue Kicks to put Show down, he'll do it. He says it won't be easy, but a challenge like this never is.

Sheamus says that he has counted every minute down and that they are only 48 hours away from HIAC. He says the time for talk is over and the time for fighting is now.

Big Show says he doesn't want it.

Sheamus breaks the security up and starts attacking Show. The two clear the ring of security and Sheamus wants the Brogue Kick on Show.

Show escapes and a poor security guy gets the Brogue Kick.

That's right, little fellas, it is okay to act security for doing their jobs. Kick their arses! Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck.

Sheamus looking devilish and Show with a smirk as we fade to black.


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