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WWE 'NXT' results, reactions, and video from yesterday (Oct. 24): One man band, baby!

WWE NXT returned yesterday (Oct. 24) and brought us a main event of Heath Slater taking on NXT Champion Seth Rollins. If Slater won, he'd get a title shot against Rollins at a later date. Read more about yesterday's episode of WWE's most must-see show!

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Yesterday, (Oct. 24) brought about another episode of NXT, WWE's premier show for mid-carders and upcoming talent. This show featured a main event between WWE NXT Champion Seth Rollins and "The One Man Band" Heath Slater. Brodus Clay, Camacho, and Trent Baretta also saw action this week.

Let's get right into some analysis of this week's episode!

  • The show opened with WWE NXT General Manager Dusty Rhodes going over some papers. Heath Slater come up and immediately began groveling for an immediate title shot against Seth Rollins. Rhodes was unsure, but Vickie Guerrero came up to coax Rhodes into offering something for her potential client. Rhodes gave Slater a shot at Rollins, but he needed to come up with a victory to earn an official title shot. It was interesting to see two bigger names appear on this episode.
  • The curtain-jerker featured Brodus Clay take on Camacho in a match that was a little more than your standard fare for a Funkasaurus match. Clay ended up taking home the victory in a match that was a bit longer than his normal outings on SmackDown or Raw.
  • Next up, Kassius Ohno took on Trent Baretta. These two seem to be some of the bigger names for NXT and they put on a back-and-forth match that is well worth the watch. The end came when Richie Steamboat, who Ohno has allegedly put on the shelf for a while, came out to ringside. He threw a towel in Ohno's face and Baretta picked up the win. After the match, Ohno was seen tossing equipment around backstage. This is a good feud for this show and the two men involved have shown some real flashes of genius. While it isn't big time for obvious reasons, it does just fine for NXT.
  • Layla and Alicia Fox teamed up to take on NXT Divas Paige and Audrey Marie. Audrey Marie and Layla served as the eye candy in this match, although neither is a terrible bore between the ropes. Alicia Fox and Paige have proven to be, dare I say, good workers in the Divas division. They don't fit the traditional "attractive" WWE archetype, so they both do their talking in the ring. In the end, Layla and Fox took home the victory and Paige and Audrey Marie butted heads a bit. If you like solid women's wrestling, NXT delivers.
  • Some guy named Bronson defeated some guy named Lincoln Brodrick. I'm not sure what Bronson is. It is likely a capitalization on the Tom Hardy movie of the same name, but he strikes a resemblance to rapper Action Bronson more than that character. And he sure doesn't look like Charles Bronson, either. Anyway. Bronson took the victory via heel hook. Curious to see what they do with this character.
  • WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro came out to taunt the fans and cut a pretty nice promo, where he told the fans to rise for the national anthem, only for him to call for the Swiss national anthem. Tyson Kidd came to challenge Cesaro for his title and a brawl ensued. This will be a fun match when it happens, but not very relevant in the grand scheme of things.
  • In the main event, Seth Rollins was able to defeat Heath Slater, ending any shot of Slater's NXT Championship dreams. It does help to build Rollins, but something needs to be done to build some challengers for Rollins. It would make more sense for the challenger to come in-house. We'll see where that goes.

This show does well if you like smaller-scale shows with good in-ring work. Essentially, if you are a fan of the independent wrestling scene, NXT is worth the brief forty minutes each week.

This week's episode earns a "B" in my book.

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think of this week's offering!

BollyRulez.Net - WWE NXT - 24th October 2012... by rockvscena

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