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Jack Swagger reportedly taken off WWE TV to get repackaged for another push

The reason Jack Swagger was taken off television was because WWE realized the same thing everyone else did: enough was enough and it was time for a change.

Shamsuddin Muhammad

Like Owen Hart said, enough is enough and it's time for a change.

WWE finally came to that realization with Jack Swagger a while back and took him off television after a protracted losing streak saw him jobbing to even low end curtain jerking superstars. Seeing as we're talking about a guy who is a former world heavyweight champion and seemingly has a ton of potential, this was unacceptable.

So off he went for a repackaging, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended):

"The reason Swagger was taken off television is that they were going to repackage him and give him a push upon his return. The feeling was he needed time away since they had beaten him constantly for so long."

When all else fails, fresh tactics!

The question is whether or not the long losing streak killed any hopes of Swagger coming back and being taken seriously. Before he went on hiatus, he was being referred to around these parts as Job Swagger, and that's tough to come back from.

Anyone think he can do it?

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