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Video: Ryback botches Shell Shock on Paul Heyman, of all people, at house show

Who knows how long this will stay up but it doesn't bode well for wrestling fans having confidence in Ryback headed into Hell in a Cell. That's right, it's another botch of the Shell Shock.

Well this is going to kill a lot of confidence in The Ryback heading into Hell in a Cell this Sunday night in Atlanta and his big WWE championship match against CM Punk.

At a house show recently, "Big Hungry" attempted to hit his finisher, Shell Shock (not calling it Shell Shocked, that makes no sense), on Paul Heyman. And he couldn't get him up.

That's right, he botched his finish again.

This comes just a few weeks after he couldn't get Tensai up over his head on Monday Night Raw. Fans wondered if that was because Tensai had sandbagged him, seeing as he had gotten him up on SmackDown before then. But Heyman wouldn't sandbag him here because it's a house show and he would face hell in a the back.

Enjoy this video while it's still up. And give us your thoughts on this, Cagesiders. Is it the finisher that needs changing? Is it Ryback's fault that he's botched it so many times? Or is it on his opponents?

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