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WWE 'Main Event' results and reactions from last night (Oct. 24): Ryback, watch what you eat!

WWE Main Event returned for its weekly outing last night (Oct. 24). While Alberto Del Rio took on Sin Cara in the true main event of the evening, the featured contest saw Ryback take on Dolph Ziggler. Who came out on top and who left hungry? Read on!

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WWE Main Event returned last night (Oct. 24, 2012) and featured the showdown between a showoff and someone who could be the hungriest man in sports entertainment. Hide your girlfriends and lock your fridges, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler met in the middle of the ring last night.

Also of note was a little lucha, as Sin Cara took on Alberto Del Rio.

Let's get right to the reactions from last night's show!

  • While I am not one to get excited for a Ryback match, this number had me a bit pumped. If there was anyone who could show whatever potential Ryback brings into Sunday's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, it would be Dolph Ziggler. Coincidentally, the match was not that bad, but it isn't something I'd want to build a whole show around, either. Ziggler got in a mediocre bit of offense while he spent most of his time fleeing from the clutches of Ryback. In the end, Ryback picked up the victory. Ryback's move set is extremely limited, but he doesn't do it too badly. I think WWE Champion CM Punk can carry him through an average main event on Sunday, but then again, WWE has proved us very wrong before.
  • As usual, they had the typical pre-match promos and interviews. Ryback actually said, "Watch what I do to Ziggler. It's feeding time." I guess that's a bit of a start, right?
  • Paul Heyman had an interview after the match, as he was scouting for his client, CM Punk. He put over Ryback a bit, stating that he is indeed an animal. However, he stated that he doesn't believe Ryback is smart enough to handle creating a strategy. Words cannot describe how great of a heel Paul Heyman is. Everything about him screams sleazy and underhanded. He plays his role perfectly and I hope that element is present on Sunday.
  • Alberto Del Rio took on Sin Cara. These two actually work well together and it is nice to see someone that actually has chemistry with Sin Cara, who demonstrates some flashes of talent when put in the right circumstances. Alberto Del Rio took home the victory with the devastating Cross Armbreaker. After the match, he cut a brilliant promo where he said that he doesn't need to dance around while saying "millions of dollars," as he really has millions of dollars. The Prime Time Players came out and said that they don't have beef, but if Alberto wants some beef, they'd love to oblige. Del Rio stated he has no problems with them, as he is "major league." He told the group that the "Mexican peasant" Sin Cara is their enemy and they all put the boots to him. Orton showed up to make the save. This set up next week's main event of Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, and Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio and the Prime Time Players. Not bad.
  • Just a quick aside here about the format. It will take some getting used to, but I am finally digging the format of this show. The promos and building towards the feature of the week is somewhat rare nowadays, so I'll take it. My only complaint is they could do away with the commercials during the matches.

The show was pretty well-executed, but it didn't have that "it" factor like previous episodes. Ryback doesn't really captivate me as a character and he certainly doesn't entertain me in the ring.

Given that this show's matches haven't lived up to the previous matches Main Event has delivered, it earns a "C+" in my book. That isn't the worst grade by any stretch, but this episode didn't catch me like ones in the past did.

How did you Cagesiders grade last night's showing of WWE Main Event?

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