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WWE 'Main Event' results and live blog for Oct. 24: Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Oct. 24, 2012) episode of WWE Main Event, featuring Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler.


WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 24, 2012) at 8 p.m. ET on the Ion Television network for yet another weekly episodic program from our favorite pro wrestling company.

Tonight's show features The Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler in the last match of "Big Hungry's" run before his big Hell in a Cell showdown against CM Punk.

Not to spoil anything but apparently it goes well.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for complete results and the running live blog.



Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.

The Miz and Michael Cole welcome us inside the ring.

We get into the preview for tonight's feature match, Ryback vs. Ziggler.

First up, a promo for Ryback. It features his path of destruction through the WWE.

Cole asks Miz what it is like facing Ryback. Miz says that it is like staring into a blank wall that just wants to destroy you. He says Ryback is ice cold and that it is an intense feeling.

Ziggler gets a promo, documenting his talent and personality.

Matt Striker has an interview with Ryback. He wants his thoughts about this upcoming match tonight.

"Watch what I do to Ziggler. It's feeding time."

We are sent over to Josh Mathews, who has Dolph Ziggler on hand. He wants strategy talk.

Ziggler shoos Mathews away, telling him "not now." Mathews pushes for more, but Ziggler tells him to get out now.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Ryback

Ziggler comes out and looks scared to get inside the ring.

Intros and Ziggler looks like he is about to die of fear.

Bell rings. Ryback looks ready to go and Ziggler looks like he needs to change trunks.

Ziggler tries to leave the ring, but Ryback catches him before he can leave. He tosses Ziggler hard into the corner, headfirst. Ziggler on the apron and Ryback hip tosses him back to the inside. Ziggler rolls to the outside in pain. Ryback takes chase and Ziggler attempts to mount some offense. Ryback catches him and sets him up in slingshot position. He slings Ziggler into the barricade like a baseball bat.

Action moves back to the inside. Ryback going for a slam, but Ziggler wiggles out. He runs to the outside and goes backstage. Ryback takes chase and they are both backstage.

We go to break with this match up in the air.

We come back and Ryback has Ziggler on his shoulders, walking him down to the ring. He tosses him back inside of the ring.

Ziggler goes for a few clotheslines, but he gets gorilla pressed to the mat. Ryback locks in the bear hug in the middle of the ring. Ziggler wiggles out and heads to the corner, which causes Ryback to charge and introduce his shoulder to the ring post. Ziggler up top and lands a double axhandle. Dropkick from Ziggler.

Fame Asser attempt...turns into a powerbomb by Ryback.

Ryback with a huge lariat.

Shell Shocked in and lands. Ryback is your victory, unsurprisingly.


Paul Heyman will be heard from next.

Also, you'll have Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara.



Recap of Raw featuring the WWE GM saga.


Recap of the Raw main event and Ryback's interference.


Paul Heyman joins us on the Titantron.

Cole asks his take on Ryback's performance tonight.

Heyman says Ziggler is not in the same category as CM Punk. Heyman says that some say Ryback is a punk-eating carnivore. He says Miz took his beating like a man, not the cowardly running like Ziggler pulled.

Miz asks what Ryback will be able to do against Punk.

Heyman says Ryback is an animal, but he is not intelligent or capable of strategy. Heyman says that Punk will be feeding Ryback his first loss and prove that he is the best in the world once again.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara

ADR muscles Sin Cara in the corner. He starts stomping Sin Cara down. Suplex lands for ADR and he gets a nearfall.

ADR with a running boot to the back. ADR issuing the power offense and tries to hip toss him to the outside, but Sin Cara springboards out for an arm drag. Sin Cara turns it all around and gets his signature flying springboard arm drag. Del Rio stifles this by sending Sin Cara into the ring post.

Sin Cara falls to the outside, but ADR brings him inside and gets a nearfall.

Keylock locked in by ADR. Sin Cara fights out and gets a rollup for a nearfall. ADR gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that earns him a nearfall, too.

ADR stomping Sin Cara, who is down on the mat. He puts in a chin lock. Sin Cara sent into the ropes and puts a boot to ADR's face. Sin Cara ends up being sent to the apron. Shoulder block by Sin Cara to the gut and attempts a flying attack, but ADR pushes him to the arena floor.

ADR in control as we go to break.

Back and ADR still working the ground game with the chin lock. Sin Cara breaks out and gets a sunset flip for a nearfall. Sin Cara cornered and ADR charges, but he gets a shoulder full of ring post. Sin Cara with his springboard elbow. Reverse DDT gets Sin Cara a nearfall.

Sin Cara charges a cornered ADR. He floats over to the apron and lands an enzuigirl. Sin Cara going up for the Swanton, but he gets ADR's knees in the back.

Cross Armbreaker in and ADR gets the victory via submission.

ADR gets on the mic and starts to taunt Randy Orton. He says he doesn't need to brag. He says that he doesn't need to dance and say he has millions of dollars, because he actually has millions of dollars.

Prime Time Players come out and ask if they heard him correctly. Titus says the last they heard, they have no issue between each other. ADR says he has no business with them, as he is in the major leagues. ADR says that the "faithless little peasant from Mexico" named Sin Cara is their enemy.

ADR encourages the team to work together in beating up Sin Cara, and that they do.

Orton comes out and ADR leaves immediately. Prime Time Players eat RKOs from Orton, who checks on Sin Cara. Orton says that he is ready to face ADR Sunday, but he wants to set a main event for next week.

Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, and Orton vs. ADR and the Prime Time Players.

Fade as all men pose and set up for next week.


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