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WWE 'Saturday Morning Slam' results and reactions from yesterday (Oct. 20): Yes! No!

WWE Saturday Morning Slam woke us up yesterday (Oct. 20) to bring us a doubleheader of action. Zack Ryder took on Justin Gabriel, while Daniel Bryan took on Tyson Kidd in our main event. Also, WWE's favorite reptiles were featured. Come read all about the proceedings that went down as the sun rose on Saturday morning.

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WWE Saturday Morning Slam helped viewers rise and shine yesterday morning (Oct. 20) with two matches that were sure to please the WWE Universe. Zack Ryder took on Justin Gabriel, while our main event of the morning featured Daniel Bryan taking on Tyson Kidd.

Let's wipe the sleep out of our eyes to talk about Saturday morning's results!

  • The show kicked off with Zack Ryder taking on Justin Gabriel. Match was your standard fare that you could expect from these men, but nothing wrong with that, if it is executed well. In the end, "The Long Island Iced Z" took home the victory after getting the pin on Gabriel. Strange way to kick off Saturday with a Ryder win, huh?
  • Our segment of the week featured a bit on WWE's favorite snakes. No, this wasn't just a list of Jake Roberts' many pets he brought to the ring, but a list of WWE talent who were all given monikers to do with the scaly reptile. Jake Roberts, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Randy Orton were the spotlight Superstars in this segment. As usual, I'm all for a bit of the wrestling history being presented to the children.
  • Your main event of the morning featured WWE Tag Team Champion(s) Daniel Bryan taking on Tyson Kidd. Per usual, Kane was there to take in the festivities. The best part of the match had to be the end, as Bryan rolled up in a ball and Kidd rolled him around, trying to find a pin. Kidd got frustrated as Bryan stayed in that position. Bryan offered a hand to Kidd from this position, only to roll him up for the pinfall victory. Sneaky move, but brilliant performance by two of the best workers in the company. Of course, Kane and Bryan met in the ring and had a little debate. Money all around.

This week's show gets a "B" for.their efforts. I am more of a fan of the single-match shows, as workers are given more time. You also get somewhat more relevant matches, although this is no knock on the Ryder/Gabriel effort.

Any of you Cagesiders considering trying out the show, if not for some of your younger viewers?

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