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Cageside Seats Greatest Matches Tournament Second Round Schedule

The first round of the Cageside Seats Greatest Matches Tournament is officially in the books. So let's reveal the schedule for round two and keep this thing rolling right along.

Completed Round 1 results shown are effective as of end of voting on Day 33 - Sat. Oct. 20, 2012
Completed Round 1 results shown are effective as of end of voting on Day 33 - Sat. Oct. 20, 2012
June M. Williams

We've made it through the first round in the Cageside Seats Greatest Matches Tournament (CSSGMT), a month long process that saw a field of 64 become a field of 32. The fat has been trimmed and now it starts to get serious.

But there's still a bit of fat remaining, so we need to trim that with round two. Here's the schedule for the Round of 32, which starts tomorrow:

Mon., Oct. 22: (1) "Undertaker v Mankind, King of the Ring 1998" vs. (9) "Shawn Michaels v Triple H, SummerSlam 2002"

Tues., Oct. 23: (4) "Shawn Michaels v Triple H v Chris Benoit, WrestleMania 20" vs. (5) "Eddie Guerrero v Dean Malenko, ECW TV 1995"

Wed., Oct. 24: (1) "Bret Hart v Stone Cold Steve Austin, WrestleMania 13" vs. (8) "Stone Cold Steve Austin v Triple H, No Way Out 2001"

Thurs., Oct. 25: (2) "CM Punk v John Cena, Money in the Bank 2011" vs. (10) "Two Man Power Trip v Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit, Raw 2001"

Fri., Oct. 26: (3) "Royal Rumble 1992" vs. (6) "CM Punk v Daniel Bryan, Over the Limit 2012"

Sat., Oct. 27: (1) "Randy Savage v Ricky Steamboat, WrestleMania 3" vs. (9) Ric Flair v Randy Savage, WrestleMania 8"

Sun., Oct. 28: (4) "Shawn Michaels v Undertaker, WrestleMania 26" vs. (5) "Bret Hart v Mr. Perfect, SummerSlam 1991"

Mon., Oct. 29: (3) "The Rock v Stone Cold Steve Austin, WrestleMania 17" vs. (6) "Hulk Hogan v The Rock, WrestleMania 18"

Tues., Oct. 30: (2) "TLC II, WreslteMania 17" vs. (10) "Bret Hart v Chris Benoit, Nitro 1999"

Wed., Oct. 31: (3) "Shawn Michaels v Undertaker, Badd Blood 1997" vs. (6) "Kurt Angle v Brock Lesnar, SmackDown 2003"

Thurs., Nov. 1: (2) "Shawn Michaels v Razor Ramon, WrestleMania 10" vs. (7) "Ric Flair v Ricky Steamboat, Chi-Town Rumble 1989"

Fri., Nov. 2: (4) "Kurt Angle v Shane McMahon, King of the Ring 2001" vs. (5) "Shawn Michaels v Shelton Benjamin, Raw 2005"

Sat., Nov. 3: (5) "CM Punk v Samoa Joe, Joe vs Punk II 2004" vs. (13) "Eddie Guerrero v Brock Lesnar, No Way Out 2004"

Sun., Nov. 4: (2) "Shawn Michaels v Undertaker, WrestleMania 25" vs. (7) "AJ Styles v Samoa Joe v Christopher Daniels, Unbreakable 2005"

Mon., Nov. 5: (3) Shawn Michaels v Bret Hart, WrestleMania 12" vs. (6) "TLC 1, SummerSlam 2000"

Tues., Nov. 6: (1) "Bret Hart v British Bulldog, SummerSlam 1992" vs. (8) "Shawn Michaels v Chris Jericho, WrestleMania 19"

What match-up are you most looking forward to? And who will remain once we get to the Sweet Sixteen?

Updated Bracket (click to enlarge):


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