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On this date in WWF history: Roddy Piper vs Bobby Heenan and Paul Orndorff at MSG

Take Roddy Piper, Bobby Heenan, and Paul Orndorff, put them in front of a hot crowd at Madison Square Garden in the 1980s and witness greatness.

Logo by June M. Williams

I was originally going to construct today's TDIH post around the birthday of Scott Hall, but the memory of his E:60 feature on ESPN is still fresh enough that I just can't bring myself to do it.

No matter.

Instead of dwelling on how bad this business can be for some performers, let's instead examine just how entertaining it can be when you have the talent at the top of their game.

And when Roddy Piper was on, he was as good as anyone.

Such was the case when the "Rowdy" one returned to "Piper's Pit" on October 20, 1986, to match wits with special guests Paul Orndorff and his manager, Bobby Heenan.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how it's done. Except for that part where he calls Adrian Adonis a "fag" (yikes).

Part two:

Roddy Piper, Bobby Heenan and Paul Orndorff in front of a hot crowd at Madison Square Garden. Is it any wonder why the 80's are so revered?

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