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Video: Ryback and Tensai botch from WWE Monday Night Raw on Oct. 1

When Ryback and Tensai got together for a match on Monday Night Raw, it was supposed to showcase how much of a monster Ryback can be. His unmeasurable strength was supposed to rule the day but a bad botch ruined it all.

With Ryback apparently the back up plan for CM Punk at WWE Hell in a Cell in the event John Cena can't go due to his recent elbow surgery (even if he's not, he's currently teasing a program with the WWE champion), the company wanted to showcase his considerable size and strength by putting him in a match with Tensai where the former Prince Albert would put him over big.

It did not go down that way.

As you can see at around 1:05 of the above video, Ryback attempts to pick Tensai up over his head for his finisher, the which I believe is called the Shell Shocker. On the first attempt, Ryback fails to lift him up at all. Undeterred, he smiles at the crowd and goes for it again.

This time he gets Tensai up but not for long and not comfortably, and he drops him down to the mat while the audience shifts awkwardly. Obvious botches are always potentially cringe-inducing and this one just felt weird.

Ryback, seemingly pissed off at the situation, shouted "STUPID" while picking Tensai up and hitting a hard running lariat to get the pin shortly after.

Fans took to Twitter to bash and blame Tensai for this, apparently thinking he sandbagged Ryback, and his response was short and sweet.

"Some of these tweets are very entertaining," he tweeted. "Get a life."

As mentioned in the Raw Reactions, this does no favors for Ryback, who was supposed to get a big win here while looking even more like a monster thanks to his crazy insane strength. He failed to accomplish that and now he's going to have less heat because of it.

Oh well.

It should also be noted WWE uploaded a second video of this match with the botched finish cut out. Don't be surprised if this is taken down.

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