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Tamara Sytch, aka Sunny, going to rehab again to get out of jail

In order to prevent a lengthier stay in jail for domestic violence and repeatedly violating a protective order, Tammy Sytch is going to rehab for the fourth time, paid by WWE yet again thanks to their Former Talent Rehabilitation Program. Unfortunately, the odds are low that this will fix her longstanding emotional and substance abuse problems.

Tamara Sytch is hoping for sunnier days in her future
Tamara Sytch is hoping for sunnier days in her future
Photo by daysofthundr46 of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons

More news from Connecticut, Cagesiders! But before you all groan, this is not yet another post about Linda McMahon's senate race, rather an update about one of her former female wrestlers, Tamara Sytch, aka Sunny, who has been in out of trouble with the law in Linda's backyard over the past six weeks. During that time period, Sytch has been arrested a staggering five times for domestic violence and repeatedly breaking her restraining order.

On Thursday night, WSFB-TV reported that earlier in the day Sytch had appeared in front of the New Haven Superior Court for a second hearing to deal with her latest crimes. Clearly desperate to get out of jail, Sytch agreed to go straight to an alcohol treatment centre in Pennsylvania. Her attorney, Robert Serafinowicz, told reporters afterwards with his rather smug looking client in tow that:

"She looks forward to entering [rehab] and thanks WWE for all the help that they've given her in finding the right treatment program to suit her needs."

This is not the first time WWE has picked up the tab for her rehabilitation costs, having paid for such treatment three times previously since their Former Talent Rehabilitation Program was instituted in September 2007, all of which were unsuccessful at keeping her sober long term. Unfortunately, given the circumstances behind Sytch's latest trip to rehab, the odds are low that this will fix her substance abuse problems, even though she's entering a different facility this time.

However, you can't help but feel that Sytch may have had a bit of a raw deal with some of the arrests. She claims that she was set up by her boyfriend, Damien Darling, a wrestler on the indy scene, who kept asking her to come back to his flat on false pretences, a charge Serafinowicz relayed to the local media:

"She doesn't understand the nuisances of the law and basically she was asked to go back to the apartment, [which] wound up being essentially a trap that set her up for all this trouble."

Corroborating this story is YouTube footage of Sytch coming up to Darling and kissing him during an interview before his match at FWE's Back 2 Brooklyn event on Oct. 5th, a few days before her fourth arrest on Oct. 8th for being found intoxicated and asleep in Darling's home, a clear violation of her protective order.

Staggeringly, this absolute mess of a situation was compounded when for some unbeknownst reason Sytch's bail bondsman took her back to her on again, off again boyfriend's home, the absolute last place she should have been sent to.

Sytch is not completely out of the water yet though, as she will be back in court next month. Her departing message on Facebook sadly showed how trivially she's taking this enforced three month stay in rehab, saying that the reasons behind it were:

"Not because I'm drinking again or hit rock bottom, but to get myself to the place I need and want to be... I am well and happy! Looking forward to a new chapter in my life."

Hopefully, she's at least learnt to stay away from Damien Darling in the future.

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