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On this date in WWF history: Bang 3:16 says Vince just pissed his pants

What happens when Stone Cold Steve Austin brings out a gun, points it at Vince McMahon's head, and pulls the trigger? A panic attack, a puddle of piss, and a sweet new catchphrase. Just another night on WWF Raw is War in the Attitude Era.

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On October 19, 1998, a "fired" Stone Cold Steve Austin made the most of the "Attitude" era by packing heat on his way to Monday Night Raw to seek revenge.

In an angle that in no way, shape, or form would fly in today's "kid-friendly" landscape (cough), "The Rattlesnake" grabs a wheelchair-bound Vince McMahon, carts him to the ring and then explains how he plans to kill him while brandishing a pistol.

Vinny Mac sells it like only he can and when Austin pulls the trigger, a little scroll pops out that reads "Bang 3:16." McMahon wets himself and gets a stunner for his efforts.

Another classic entry into the Austin/McMahon feud -- but still slightly uncomfortable to watch.

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