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Video: Kofi Kingston wins Intercontinental title from The Miz on WWE 'Main Event'

Watch video of Kofi Kingston winning the Intercontinental championship from The Miz on WWE Main Event last night (Oct. 17, 2012) with the same Trouble in Paradise he used to lay Miz out on Monday Night Raw this week. Notice the difference between the two.

Well, look at that. Kofi Kingston wins the Intercontinental championship from The Miz on WWE Main Event in what was actually a really hot match with a great crowd who were along for the ride the whole way.

And the Trouble in Paradise got the pin.

This time, though, you'll notice Kingston holds back a bit and makes sure his timing and space are right while the finish was planned to give Miz just as much time to get himself into proper position.

No botches here.

The three count is met with boisterous applause and cheer and the Kofi singles push lives on. The rematch is headed for Hell in a Cell, of course, but from the way they've been booking this program, it looks like Kingston will be going over there too.

Main Event, by the way, continues to be a damn good show. It's just too bad it has to go up against another juggernaut in Cageside Live! Or something like that.

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