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On this date in WCW history: The Sharpshooter vs The Scorpion Deathlock

Watch what happens when Sting and Bret Hart cross finishers on this date in WCW history. It's the Sharpshooter vs. the Scorpion Deathlock.

Who had the better submission, Bret Hart or Sting?

Fans found out at Monday Nitro on October 19, 1999, when Bret Hart and Sting went to war for Stinger's WCW World Heavyweight Championship, which he retained, after Lex Luger shattered "The Hitman's" ankle while Miss Elizabeth distracted the referee with her two biggest assets.

Clearly a dream feud ... but was it executed properly?

And did these two have the chemistry to live up to the hype? Let's hear some thoughts on the Hart vs. Sting feud in the comments section below.

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