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Kofi Kingston wins Intercontinental title from Miz one night after kicking his head off on WWE Raw

WWE cared not about posting spoilers for its Main Event program scheduled to air on Ion Television on Wed., Oct. 17, 2012. Even better? Just one night removed from nearly taking The Miz's head off on Monday Night Raw with a brutal head kick, Kofi Kingston won the Intercontinental title from him.

Photo by Vaughn at Wikimedia Commons

Talk about adding insult to injury.

Just one night after Kofi Kingston hit The Miz with a Trouble in Paradise on a comeback off the ropes on Monday Night Raw, legitimately drilling him in the head hard enough to open a big cut and WWE doctors to examine him for fear of a concussions, Kingston won the Intercontinental title from him.

And WWE had no issue posting that result as the lead story on its website, without even mentioning that it's a spoiler for an event that hasn't run yet.

It will do so on Main Event tomorrow night on Ion Television at 8 p.m. ET.

For those of you who thought Kingston's botch (and that's what it was, let's be real) would lead to the company halting his mid-card push, well, you were wrong. Not only are they not stopping his progress, they're actually promoting his head kick on Raw.

Here's a bit from the article on announcing his title win:

"The rivalry between The Miz and Kingston reached a fever pitch on Raw after the Ghana, West Africa-native challenged The Awesome One to a match during Miz TV as a preview to their championship match on WWE Main Event. As their contest got underway later on Raw, Kingston proved he was more than ready to challenge the Intercontinental Champion for the title on WWE Main Event. The fast-paced battle came to an end after Kingston rocked Miz with Trouble in Paradise, putting him down for the three-count and leaving him in the care of the WWE medical team."

I'm not sure how I feel about that. The word from the medical team who examined him, at least according to WWE, is that Miz is fine and only suffered a cut. Then again, when Miz made a big botch on Raw, not catching R-Truth on the outside and placing him in danger, he was reportedly chewed out for it by higher ups, despite the fact that Truth suffered no injuries.

You know, like the big gash Miz is rocking on his forehead.

Cagesiders, what are your thoughts on this?

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