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The Miz evaluated for concussion after Kofi Kingston kick on Raw, cleared by WWE

After The Miz got shoot kicked straight in his face on Monday Night Raw, WWE had its doctors evaluate him for any neurological issues. As it turns out, he did not suffer a concussion and he's cleared to wrestle Kingston in a rematch on Main Event.


As we posted on the front page earlier today, Kofi Kingston absolutely destroyed The Miz with a head kick on Monday Night Raw in Nashville last night (Oct. 15, 2012). Kingston sent Miz into the ropes and launched the Trouble in Paradise on the comeback. But he misjudged the timing and space available and ended up landing the shot clean.

It was bad enough that the Intercontinental champion immediately started bleeding from a cut that was opened up, as shown in the picture above.

WWE also made sure to get Miz checked out neurologically following the match and according to, he did not suffer a concussion and he'll be good to go for the rematch scheduled for the Main Event tapings tonight in Memphis.

Here are the comments from Dr. Sampson:

"As you know, last night he had a match with Kofi. He got hit in the head and had a laceration, which we put sutures in. He also got his bell rung. We evaluated him neurologically after his match, after we sowed him up. We evaluated him again today and he's neurologically intact, no concussion. He just has a laceration and a little bit of head pain from the hit on the head. Otherwise, he's totally clear."

That's great news considering how brutal the kick looked (watch it right here). That Miz, he's got one hell of a hard head, doesn't he?

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