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Ric Flair turned down TNA's invite to Sting's Hall Of Fame induction ceremony

The latest TNA insanity is the company believing that Ric Flair would be happy to appear at their Hall Of Fame induction ceremony for Sting, despite legally blocking his desired return to WWE.

Photo by daysofthundr46 on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.

Sometimes TNA's stupidity knows no bounds. I could be talking about Devon being revealed as a member of Aces and 8s, a not so shocking surprise that will ensure TNA fans will continue to look at the group as a bunch of mid-card misfits, or Jessie Godderz returning to TNA as the heavily hyped Hollywood boyfriend of Tara, despite most people not being able to pick him out of a police lineup, at last night's Bound For Glory pay-per-view. But no, the silliest decision of the whole weekend involved TNA's low rent Hall Of Fame induction ceremony for Sting.

As Dave Meltzer reported on today's Observer Radio show, TNA were dumb enough to make a big play for Ric Flair to return to the company to appear at the HOF event and thought he would be willing to do so, as it was such a special night for his friend Sting. Of course, anyone with their head screwed on would realise that Flair would be in no mood to do any favours for the company that released him in May.

Flair hasn't been shy in making it known publicly that he badly wants to return to WWE in an onscreen role, but so far that has been blocked by TNA's ongoing lawsuit against WWE for allegedly tampering with Flair's contract. That legal wrangle was initiated after Flair quit the company and asked for a release in order to jump ship to the opposition, just days after TNA had discovered from WWE that their former front office worker Brian Wittenstein had provided their rival's with confidential contractual information about all their talent. Instead of giving Flair what he wanted, TNA played hardball in order to get financial compensation for a situation that likely had nothing to do with him, other than coincidental timing.

Almost five months later, WWE still refuses to sign any performers who were under contract to TNA in early May for fear of aiding TNA's sketchy case against them, which likely explains why Matt Morgan has returned to TNA with his tail tucked between his legs and Alex Shelley is working for New Japan Pro Wrestling instead. So it isn't just Flair who's paying for Wittenstein's sins, it's every TNA performer whose contract has come up for renewal of late, as the lawsuit has absolutely destroyed their bargaining power.

The HOF invite was preposterous for a second reason, because Flair considers the WWE Hall Of Fame the real deal and consequently wouldn't take TNA's upstart version at all seriously. I'm sure Flair would be happy to induct Sting into the premier HOF in the wrestling business, the only one he thinks is worth a damn, at a future WrestleMania once Sting leaves TNA one day, but he'll have to wait for the Nature Boy's nod of approval until that time comes to pass.

Even though Flair wasn't there, Sting did thank him for his instrumental help in kickstarting his WCW career, by carrying him to a great 45 minute draw at the first Clash Of The Champions on March 27th, 1988 in Greensboro, NC. That bout transformed Sting from being a green undercard wrestler with bags of potential into the next big thing in the business. Without it, he may not have been here today, as TNA's first legend honoured in their Hall Of Fame.

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