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WWE 'Raw' results and live blog for Oct. 15: 'The Decision' with CM Punk

Complete results and the running live blog for the Oct. 15, 2012, episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, featuring CM Punk making his decision on his Hell in a Cell opponent. Will it be John Cena or Ryback?


WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 15, 2012) from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, featuring "The Decision."

I'm talking, of course, about the decision to have WWE Champion CM Punk face John Cena at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view in two weeks or The Ryback.

In other action, the tag team title tournament crowns its winner with Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio taking on The Rhodes Scholars, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. To the victor go the spoils and that equals a title shot at Hell in a Cell.

Plus, AJ THIGHS (hopefully).

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Nolan in.

Recap of last week's McMahon vs. Punk saga.

Broadcast is live.

Big Show is here to kick us off.

Big Show is cut off by the fans booing, but he starts in on the mic again. He states that he was in this ring two weeks ago for a debate that was a joke by Booker T and Sheamus to make him look foolish. Show says he doesn't look like a fool, but the fans do. He tells the crowd that we'll see what happens when he attempts to Brogue Kick a giant.

Roll footage from last Monday when Show tosses Sheamus to the outside off a Brogue Kick attempt.

Show says it looked like Sheamus was in way over his head. He says that on SmackDown, they did a scientific challenge that Show didn't want to participate in.

Roll footage from last Friday when Show's KO Punch proved to be more powerful than the Brogue Kick.

Show asks if he has the crowd's attention now. He says two weeks from now, he won't be hitting a machine. He'll be hitting Sheamus and becoming champion. Show appears irritated at the "45 seconds" taunts that fans have been throwing at him.

Cue the fans chanting.

Show wants Daniel Bryan in the ring right now to erase that loss.

We go backstage where wrestlers congregate around a TV, including Team Hell No. Bryan says there will be no way that he goes out there.

AJ is here and says she thinks Show has a good idea, but Bryan does not think it is a good idea. AJ tells him to get out there.

He asks Kane if he will have his back, to which Kane laughs in his face. Bryan says "NO!" Kane says "YES!" Bryan turns to all the wrestlers, Little Jimmy, and backstage personnel, telling them "NO!"


Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan

Show working the power offense, but Bryan opening up with leg kicks. Show gets a chokehold and pushes Bryan out to the arena floor.

Show follows him as we go to break.

Back from break and Show standing tall over Bryan. He has apparently targeted the ribs of Bryan and hit him with a spear during break, according to Michael Cole.

Footage shows the huge spear by Show.

Anywho, Bryan inside of a big bear hug from Show. Bryan with some elbows, but Show tosses him to the ground before he can mount the comeback. Splash in the corner by Big Show and wants to follow up with another spear, but Bryan with a dropkick to the knee of Show.

Both men down. Bryan back up and unleashing the Thai kicks to the chest of Big Show. Head kick puts him down and gets Bryan a nearfall. Show getting up in the corner and Bryan wants the running dropkick. He gets it. And he gets another!

Show wobbly and Bryan goes up top, but he lands in a Chokeslam. Show hits it and hooks the leg.

Show is your winner.

Kane apparently has something to say about this. He makes his way down the ramp while laughing at Bryan. Show setting up for the KO Punch on Bryan, but Kane stands in front to protect his tag team partner. Show hits the high road as Kane stands over his fallen partner.

Kane and Bryan have a little argument as we get a replay. They continue to argue, this time over Kane helping Bryan up. Bryan says "NO!" and gets up himself.


We'll be finding out who WWE Champion CM Punk will take on at Hell in a Cell next.


Paul Heyman is here, holding the belt and has some sort of painting under a cover in the middle of the ring.

Heyman says that it is his pleasure to be introducing CM Punk, then waxes poetic about all of Punk's accomplishments and finer points.

Punk makes his way to the ring.

Punk says last week was a perfect representation of his life at this point. He is being constantly disrespected and is forced to act. He tells everyone that he isn't afraid of people like Jim Ross, The Rock, John Cena, etc.

Punk says that if anyone disrespects him, physically or verbally, he'll put them in his place. Last week, it was Vince McMahon. Punk says that McMahon's act last week was pathetic and he slapped him in the face for it. Punk says that Vinnie Mac put up a fight, but he put such a beating on him that Vince McMahon will never compete in the ring again.

He says that not unlike all these fans that fancy them tough guys, it took two Superstars to defend McMahon's honor. He says that he can't believe McMahon thinks of him.

He shows the crowd the Hell in a Cell poster, depicting him as a devil.

Punk says compared to these fans, he is an angel. He says that even though devils don't exist, he will talk about the devil he knows and the devil he doesn't know. He says Ryback is the devil he doesn't know. He is a beast of a man, but he sticks his nose in Punk's business far too much. He says Cena is the devil he knows. A man that he has broken down and now has one arm functional because of him.

Punk says without further ado, he'll be unveiling the picture of his opponent. Punk says that he wants a little respect while he unveils the photo. The fans continue to boo and he says that because of that, he will now take more time to think about his decision.

Mr. McMahon enters.

Vinnie says that he thought he taught Punk some respect. McMahon says that he hopes Punk respects what he is about to say. He says Punk blew it right now and that there will be a contract signing tonight, where Vinnie Mac will announce who CM Punk's opponent at Hell in a Cell will be.

Punk yelling at Vince McMahon from the ring as he heads backstage.


Sheamus and Wade Barrett will be having a rematch tonight.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Brodus Clay

It is announced Del Rio will take on Orton at Hell in a Cell.

Clay gets put in the corner and ADR with a kick, but Clay reverses and unloads with strikes.

Action moves back inside and Clay with a shoulder block that sends ADR to the outside. Del Rio with an armbreaker on the top rope. Dropkick after a kick to the arm. Del Rio has a keylock in, but Clay fights out. Del Rio with kicks to the leg of Clay and grabs the keylock again.

Del Rio goes off the ropes, but he eats a headbutt to the chest. Del Rio getting up in the corner, but Clay misses with his splash. Del Rio with an enzuigiri to the back of Clay's head.

Armbreaker from Del Rio and we know what's next. Cross Armbreaker in.

Clay taps and ADR is your victor.


Punk backstage and he is upset over McMahon's actions.

Heyman tells Punk that he warned him about all of this, saying that McMahon can lose a battle, but he will never lose the war.

Punk tells Heyman to go tell McMahon that he wants to fight him tonight.


Team CoBro vs. Prime Time Players

Santino getting worked as we get back from commercial.

Ryder tagged in to take on O'Neil. Missile dropkick by Ryder. Flying forearm in the corner. Broski Boot lands. Ryder only gets a nearfall after Young breaks it.

Santino comes in and takes on Young, but he eats the Gutbuster from Young. Ryder hits the Rough Ryder on Young.

Unfortunately for Ryder, he eats the Clash of the Titus powerbomb from O'Neil.

Prime Time Players leave and The Band enters.

The Band throws Santino to the outside and puts the boots to Ryder.

The group wants to put the music back in the Music City of Nashville. They all play air guitar in celebration of their beatdown.


Recap of McMahon confronting Punk earlier tonight.


Vickie Guerrero is here and wants to be excused. She says Dolph Ziggler has something important to say.

Ziggler is peeved by Ryback being a contender, saying that he earned his Money in the Bank briefcase. Ryback did nothing compared to Ziggler beating seven other men in that gruesome match.

Ziggler says Ryback is a flash in the pan and that he is going to be here for years.

Ziggler says that he wants to take on CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell, then cash in his Money in the Bank contract to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

David Otunga is here. He says that Ryback doesn't deserve a shot, but nor does Ziggler. He says that the contender needs to be as strong mentally as he is physically, suggesting that the Harvard grad deserves a shot more than a guy who hangs with his mom backstage. Poor Vickie.

AJ Lee here and says that they can express this physically by taking on Ryback in a handicap match.


David Otunga and Dolph Ziggler vs. Ryback

Ziggler starts off.

Ziggler with a dropkick that sends Ryback into the corner. Ryback clobbers Ziggler with a clothesline. Ziggler hurting and he decides to tag in Otunga.

Otunga gets put on Ryback's shoulders and eats a jawbreaker. Ryback staring at Ziggler, who runs off with Vickie Guerrero.

Ryback hits the Shell Shocked and pins Otunga.


Heyman with McMahon backstage.

McMahon asks how Punk is doing, to which Heyman says that Punk is not well. Heyman says that he couldn't be, since he is coming up against McMahon. Heyman proposes the fight with Vince McMahon, then adds the stipulation that Punk can choose his opponent if he wins.

McMahon says that the match can happen...but he wants to fight Heyman. Heyman says he doesn't want that and McMahon yells at him to get out.


Matt Striker comes up to AJ backstage.

He says that Bryan and Kane attacked him last week and all he wants from AJ and crew is an apology. He says it is crazy that Kane and Bryan can do this kind of stuff.

AJ asks what Striker called her. She starts a maniac laugh, but then tells Striker he deserves an apology and he can get it after his match with Kane tonight.

Striker is upset, but that appears to be coming up.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel

Popup promo says that Cesaro doesn't need the US, but the US needs Cesaro.

Lockup and Cesaro gets out of a hold by Gabriel. Cesaro takes the back and attempts a German suplex, but Gabriel lands on his feet. Spinning back kick by Gabriel. Cesaro decapitates Gabriel with a clothesline. Stomps by Cesaro and he is now working Gabriel in the corner.

Gabriel fights back with a chop, but Cesaro beats him down and puts him belly-down on the top rope. Giant flying knee to the ribs. Cesaro unloading with more strikes. Back to the middle of the ring and a punch to the torso of Gabriel. Gutbuster lands for Cesaro.

Cesaro with a bearhug from behind on Gabriel. Gabriel fighting out, but Cesaro pulls Gabriel down. He puts in the bearhug again. Gabriel out and he gets whipped into the corner. Cesaro eats turnbuckle and Gabriel goes up top.

450 Splash lands, but Cesaro rolled over to his shoulder to hurt the ribs of Gabriel.

Gabriel's ribs hurting and he gets the cover, but Cesaro with his foot on the bottom rope. Gabriel goes up top, but he gets clocked with a Very European Uppercut on the way down.

Gotch Neutralizer lands and Cesaro takes home the victory.


Matt Striker vs. Kane

Striker says he doesn't want to wrestle Kane, but he just wants an apology. He says for Kane to think of what Dr. Shelby would say. Striker says the fans want legitimate competition, not mindless carnage.

Kane walks up to Striker and Striker wants to shake hands.

Kane wants to hug it out. The two hug it out.

Striker walks away, but Kane wants another hug. He pulls him in again, but turns it into a bearhug. Chokeslam follows.

Kane wins.

Kane with the microphone and wants to ask Striker how he feels. He said it was an impressive performance and wants Striker's thoughts. Striker is out and Kane says that he could not have said it any better himself.

He points out that he is the Tag Team Champions and walks out.


Layla will face WWE Divas Champion Eve for the strap tonight.


Recap of Miz confronting Larry King and getting beaten down by Kofi Kingston.

Kofi will be the guest on Miz TV next.


Miz TV time, folks.

Miz taunts the fans, then encourages the fans to "not welcome, but feel sorry for" Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston appears.

Kofi says he thought Miz would like that footage. Miz says that this must make Kofi nervous, considering that he has never put together three sentences in his entire career. Miz says that he'll carry Kofi, just like every other wrestler has. Kofi says that is funny, considering Miz looked like he needed to be carried after he beat him down last week.

Miz tears in on Kofi, saying no one has any memorable moments of Kofi Kingston, other than him being a second fiddle in a tag team or saying "BOOM!"

Kofi says that he will keep that in mind, while thanking Miz for the pep talk. He says he will use that to fuel him to make a memorable moment this Wednesday when he beats Miz for the IC title on Main Event. He says he wants a match with Miz tonight.

Miz says he will never back down from a challenge, but that Kofi needs to know he is nothing compared to him. He will always be better than Kofi, who will only be be remembered as someone who said "BOOM!" over and over.

Kofi lays the beatdown and wrecks the set as Miz scurries away, looking mad.


Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

Lockup and Sheamus puts Barrett into the corner, but it gets immediately reversed.

Back to the middle and another lockup. Barrett gets the back and Sheamus with a drop toehold. Arm lock for Sheamus. Barrett reverses it into an arm lock of his own. Sheamus once again turns the wrist for the arm lock and does an armbreaker. Another arm lock variant, but Barrett fights out.

Barrett goes for a hip toss on Sheamus, but Sheamus puts him down. Barrett off to the apron and Sheamus looking to club his chest, but Barrett knocks him down with a punch. Barrett working Sheamus and hits a pumphandle slam that earns him a nearfall.

Sleeper in for Barrett. Sheamus fights out and gets the forearms and an elbow. Rolling senton slam by Sheamus.

Barrett moves outside to regroup. Sheamus goes to the apron and gets a battering ram. He pounds his chest as the fans cheer for him.

Enter Big Show with a steel chair.

And we enter a commercial.

Back from commercial and Big Show sits atop the stage on his chair.

Action inside the ring shows Sheamus and Barrett battling it out on the apron, only for Sheamus to pummel Barrett down to the floor. Sheamus wants to send Barrett into the steps, but he jumps onto them and over. Attempts the sidekick, but Sheamus had it scouted.

Barrett runs inside the ring, but Sheamus cracks him with a high knee. Barrett sends him back to the floor with a sidekick.

Ref starts the count and gets pretty high up there before Sheamus gets back inside. Barrett unloading with knees to the torso. Barrett hangs Sheamus between the ropes and does a taunting forearm to the chest. He then turns it into a Thai clinch with a few knees. He follows with a big boot to the skull.

Action moves outside. Barrett sends Sheamus onto the announce table and badmouths Jim Ross, but the action goes back inside immediately.

Barrett inside with a Camel Clutch. Sheamus fights out with body shots. He hits the Irish Curse and both men are down as the referee starts a count.

Both men back up and Sheamus with clotheslines and axhandles. Sheamus with the shoulder block in the corner and hits the running knee lift. Running powerslam by Sheamus gets him a nearfall.

Barrett between the ropes and he eats the ten forearms to the chest. Sheamus with a suplex to bring Barrett back inside. He gets a nearfall off of it. Barrett getting worked into the corner, but Sheamus misses on a splash and eats a clothesline. Barrett goes up top for an elbow drop that lands, but only garners a nearfall.

Barrett puts Sheamus onto his shoulders and looking for Wasteland, but Sheamus fights out. Barrett ducks under a Brogue Kick and hits a tilt-a-whirl side slam, but only gets a nearfall. Barrett going for power offense, but Sheamus fighting out. He goes up top and misses a flying attack, only to miss. Barrett goes for a sidekick, but Sheamus reverses.

Texas Cloverleaf is in.

Big Show walking down to the ring. Sheamus releases the hold and Show stops at the apron. Barrett tries to attack, but Sheamus counters. Sheamus gets sent into the ropes and Show pulls the ropes down.

Sheamus wins via DQ.

Sheamus gets put back in the ring and gets a Brogue Kick on Barrett. Show tries to attack, but Sheamus with a clothesline that sends Big Show back to the outside.

Sheamus hyped and Show heads to the back.


Recap of Punk and McMahon's confrontation earlier in the night.


Vince McMahon backstage.

John Cena enters.

McMahon wants to know about the elbow. Cena says he doesn't know, since he isn't a doctor. Speaking of doctors, Cena knows McMahon probably wouldn't have fought last week if a doctor had been involved. Cena just wants McMahon to know he belongs in there.

Vinnie Mac says he will take that into consideration.


WWE Divas Championship: Eve (c) vs. Layla

Lockup and a lot of rolling before it goes back to the feet. Layla shoves Eve, then Eve does the same. Eve gets the side headlock takeover. Eve controlling Layla on the mat. Layla fights to the feet, but Eve drags it back down with an armlock.

Layla again gets up and unloading kicks. Layla with the wristlock. Eve pushes Layla to the outside.

Eve follows and sends Layla's face into the mat.

Back inside and Eve gets a nearfall. Eve with a strike and she goes for a cover, but only gets a nearfall. Another cover and another nearfall.

Eve locks in a triangle and slams Layla's face into the mat. Layla breaks the hold via rope break. Layla fighting back with some quick feet. She drops Eve, but only gets a nearfall. Flying forearm and a facebuster gets Layla another nearfall.

Layla with her signature springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Eve working Layla in the corner. Layla counters with a boot to the face and goes up top. Eve kicks the leg of Layla and sends her into the mat face-first. Eve hooks the leg and Layla gets her foot on the rope.

Ref doesn't see it and Eve gets the victory.


Footage of Stephanie McMahon backing the Nothing but Nets initiative, sending bed nets to poor families in Africa.


Kane asks if Daniel Bryan saw what he did to Matt Striker.

Bryan says he didn't because he was too busy thinking of Kane laughing at him earlier in the night. The two duel on the negatives and affirmatives.

Bryan eventually says he has a good idea, suggesting Kane wrestle Big Show next week.

He leaves, but not before mentioning that he is the Tag Team Champions.


Vince McMahon with Ryback.

He tells Ryback that all he has heard is that Ryback is a machine and heartless. He says he thinks Ryback is the king of the mountain. He asks Ryback what he thinks.


McMahon says that he'll take that under consideration.


The Band at Honky Tonk Central in Nashville. They take the stage, but bouncers kick them out.


Rhodes Scholars vs. Primo and Epico

Primo and Epico immediately charge the team, but the match hasn't started as the group jumped Rhodes Scholars.

Rhodes Scholars moves to the outside and Sandow urges the ref to do his job.

Cody Rhodes and Primo start. Primo with a dropkick for a nearfall. He isolates Rhodes in his corner.

Epico in and Primo whips Rhodes into a dropkick.

Primo back in and Epico with a suplex, followed by a swanton from the apron for a nearfall. Primo whips Rhodes, but Rhodes with the rollup for a nearfall. Rhodes with the hanging kick to the midsection of Primo, a la Harcore Holly.

Sandow in and working Primo in his corner. Strikes and shoulder bumps. Snapmare into a sleeper hold for the martyr. Primo gets out and tries for a tag, but Sandow with a double leg into a leg lock.

Rhodes tags in and drops Primo with a right.

Sandow back in and hits the Russian leg sweep. The Elbow of Disdain lands and gets Sandow a nearfall. Sandow with a rear naked choke in. Then transitions strikes and a knee drop. He gets a nearfall.

Rhodes back in with a running knee to a seated Primo. He gets a nearfall. Rhodes punting Primo on the ground. Rhodes with a snapmare and a right hand. Rhodes with a kick, but Primo unloads with strikes. Rhodes drives Primo into the corner.

Sandow again in and working the power strikes and offense. Sandow isolates him and brings Rhodes back in. Rhodes wearing down Primo and gets a clothesline for a nearfall. Rhodes working for a leg lock and Primo looking for a tag, but he is once again isolated.

Sandow again with some power offense that garners a nearfall. Primo with a leapfrog and Epico finally in. Epico with a flying forearm and a dropkick. Three side suplexes land for Epico and he gets a nearfall after Rhodes breaks it up. Primo comes in, but Rhodes disposes of him.

Epico attempts a springboard crossbody, but Sandow gets his finisher for the pinfall and the victory.


Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

Kingston with leg kicks. Miz fights back with punches. Kofi goes with the double-leg and some ground and pound.

Miz goes outside to regroup. Kofi with a clothesline as he chases Miz down.

Back inside. Kofi knocks Miz down from the apron and attempts a springboard attack, but it gets nothing. Kofi with a running dropkick. Kicks to the body of a downed Miz. Miz drops Kofi on the top turnbuckle. Running clothesline follows. Miz striking Kofi and Miz whips him into the corner. Sitdown clothesline and Miz up top.

Double axehandle lands. Miz with a nearfall.

Sleeper in for Miz. Kofi fights out and eventually gets a rollup for a nearfall. Miz with the dual neckbreakers that earns him a nearfall as well. Sleeper gets put back in. Kofi counters out with a side suplex.

Both men down and the referee starts a count.

Kofi knocking Miz down with the chops to the chest. Flying clothesline. Boom Drop time. Miz rolls to the apron instead, but Kofi with a kick. Kofi wants a suplex, but Miz counters into a Skull-Crushing Finale attempt. Another attempt by Miz, but Kofi runs him into the ropes.

Trouble in Paradise!

Kofi Kingston with the pin and the victory.

That was a stiff hit and Miz is really hurt.

Back to Superstars for you, Kofi.


Contract signing next.


Mr. McMahon here.

CM Punk soon follows.

Mr. McMahon then introduces Ryback.

McMahon says that he knew he would have to make Punk's decision for him. Punk interrupts him, saying that he knew that he knocked a few of McMahon's screws loose. Punk signs the contract, saying he knows McMahon knew was going to do what he want.

McMahon says that he wouldn't have made this hard if Punk had accepted Cena's challenge.

Punk says he is just like Cena, both insecure little men.

Cena tells Punk to shut up. He says Punk needs to get his ass whipped. He says Ryback doesn't care about championships, just kicking ass. He says Punk won't get any sleep the next couple of weeks, because his head will be filled with three words.


Cena leads the crowd in "FEED ME MORE!" chants.

Ryback vs. CM Punk is official.

Punk and Ryback stare down. Ryback smashes his face in the table.

Shell Shocked and Ryback being Ryback here as we go off the air.


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