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On this date in WWE history: Undertaker has superpowers and he's not afraid to use them

Sometimes pro wrestling is utterly ridiculous -- okay, maybe all the time -- but there isn't much more ridiculous than Undertaker busting out his superpowers on those who have drawn his ire.

Remember that god awful feud between Kane and Undertaker in 2010 when WWE decided to pay off Kane's years and years of loyal service with a lengthy run with the world heavyweight championship including actually going over on "The Deadman" multiple times?

Man, that entire program was a piece of shit, huh?

It started with Kane claiming he found Undertaker in a vegetative state, which was really just to cover up for an oncoming hiatus due to injury, and going on a weird quest to find out who did it. Only they revealed that Kane was the one who did it all along.

And so the feud was on.

It was goofy and lame and dumb and played on the 15 years worth of history between the two, with Kane saying he finally figured out to rid himself of his evil brother once and for all. Paul Bearer was even brought back as Undertaker's manager only to turn on him at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view and cost him the heavyweight title match.

Later, at a SmackDown taping for a show that would air on this date in history (Oct. 15, 2010), "Big Evil" came down and showed off all his superpowers. The idea, you see, was that 'Taker was so pissed that he summoned all the powers from the depths of hell to get his revenge on his brother and father.

What a fucked up family.

The segment features smoke, fire, lightning strikes, and some of the corniest facial expressions you'll ever see.

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