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Devon returns at Bound for Glory as member of Aces and 8s


Television title? Who needs a television title?

Devon may have left TNA when contract negotiations broke down, as was widely reported in the pro wrestling media, but the company decided to bring him back as a member of Aces and 8s at tonight's (Oct. 14, 2012) Bound for Glory event in Phoenix. Hell, if you follow Hulk Hogan on Twitter, he was consistently bitching about Devon ever having left and saying he was trying to fix it.

Kayfabe? Maybe, but Hogan is surprisingly candid on Twitter and if this was all one big work, it was pretty elaborate for a small payoff.

My guess is they didn't have anyone big enough for the angle to pull it off right and Devon was fit in because he had recently left under legitimate circumstances. Plus, it's obvious he's not actually the leader but just a member who helped them get back into the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

History dictates that TNA runs its biggest angles on the episode of Impact Wrestling following Bound for Glory, so expect the detailed explanation -- and maybe the reveal of the leader -- on that show this coming Thursday.

In the meantime, let the comments section be your spot to discuss how you feel about the big reveal.

It was Devon all along, Cagesiders.

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