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New York Jets rise above Indianapolis Colts in 35-9 win with John Cena as honorary team captain

Maybe having John Cena on the same field with Tim Tebow is a winning combination. It was this week, as the New York Jets smashed the Indianapolis Colts 35-9 with Cena serving as honorary team captain.

Nick Laham - Getty Images

Well, we ran the original story so of course we're going to run the follow up.

Days ago, it was revealed that WWE superstar John Cena would visit MetLife Stadium in New Jersey to serve as honorary team captain of the New York Jets for their game against the Indianapolis Colts today (Oct. 14, 2012).

This just a couple weeks following Lilian Garcia's visit, which was marked by a 34-0 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Granted, Garcia, a WWE ring announcer, only performed at halftime but would the bad luck continue with the next WWE performer?

The answer is an empathic no.

With Cena serving as captain, the Jets absolutely obliterated the Colts, winning 35-9 behind a strong running game, a solid outing from starting quarterback Mark Sanchez and yes, a few big plays from Tim Tebow.

I suppose pro wrestling fans knew all along that Cena wouldn't lose.

Like always.

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