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CSSGMT: 'TLC 2, WrestleMania 17' advances to Round of 32

It's now been firmly established that you Cagesiders are big fans of spotfests, what with the two tables, ladders, and chairs matches advancing out of the first round in the Cageside Seats Greatest Matches Tournament.

Gallo Images - Getty Images

When "TLC 1, SummerSlam 2000" advanced to the Round of 32 in the Cageside Seats Greatest Matches Tournament, that should have served as a harbinger of things to come.

That's because "TLC 2, WrestleMania 17" was also in the field and it, too, has advanced to the second round, scoring a 25-14 victory over "Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL, Judgement Day 2004."

Easy as pie.



Up next: (4) "Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H vs. Chris Benoit, WrestleMania 20" VS. (13) "The Rock vs. Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle, Vengeance 2002"

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